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You won’t go very far without catering menu ideas while learning how to launch a catering company. When applying for a catering license, you will usually need to include a sample of your intended menu. It provides proof of the foods you’ll provide on various catering occasions.

Your catering company ideas require careful planning, from your catering service workforce to your business strategy. Choosing your menu selections, including whole meals and menu items with ingredients, is a step in the planning process. You’ll be ready to design your menu and launch your catering business once you’ve finished your menu plan. A menu can be quickly created using the PhotoADKing tool. It is an online graphic design tool that allows users to design. It includes a variety of menu templates, design elements, and editing tools to help users build professional-looking menu templates without the need for advanced graphic design skills.

Ideas for Catering Food Menus

For your catering business to be successful, you must have a strategy for your food menu ideas.  Your kitchen crew will also be content since they won’t have to worry about how their job will alter from event to event.

The following three catering meal suggestions work well for any occasion. Yes, a suggestion for drinks was included in an article regarding catering food menu ideas. Drinks should be taken into account just as much as meals.

Single-pot Entrées

For a while now, one-pot meals have been taking over kitchens everywhere. It also works effectively in catering kitchens since it makes preparation quite simple.

The top one-pot dishes for catering include:

  • Chicken spaghetti with pesto cream.
  • Rice with lemon garlic shrimp.
  • Goulash.
  • Chicken with white chili.
  • Rotisserie chicken.
  • Pasta with cheesy sausage.
  • Orzo with chicken with lemon pepper.

To make these dishes easy to serve for big occasions, you can purchase them in multiple pots. In some situations, modifying recipes just require increasing the number of ingredients and cooking durations.

Batch beverages

Making recipes as straightforward as you can is one of the most effective things you can do for your catering menu. That entails producing goods in bulk, which also applies to your drink menu.

Batch beverages come in both traditional and uncommon varieties, such as:

  • Alternatives to margarita recipes.
  • Mojitos.
  • Alternatives to daiquiri recipes.
  • One of the most popular prosecco drinks is the prosecco punch.
  • Sangria.
  • Vodka punch
  • Frozen tea.
  • Cold brew or iced coffee.

These well-known drinks can also be made into mocktails. That will enable you to serve a variety of people, possibly even a teetotaller.

Dishes made of rice

Rice-based dishes are usually a smart choice. Bulk purchases of rice may be made at a reasonable price; it keeps well and pairs well with a wide variety of cuisines.

The finest rice-based dishes include:

  • Verdura paella
  • Risotto with mushrooms
  • Soup with chicken and rice.
  • Rolls of crab.
  • Tofu dishes.
  • Rice with shrimp.
  • Casserole with chicken and rice.
  • Pan-fried rice
  • Rice and bean soup with pesto.
  • Seafood risotto.
  • Yellow rice with chicken in curry.
  • Rice with kimchi.
  • Stir-fried vegetables.

There are many different types of tastes and proteins on this list. Additionally, it offers choices for various dietary requirements, allergies, and other culinary demands.

What foods are most popular for catering?

The long and diverse list of popular catering cuisine consists of the following:

  • Potatoes and chicken with honey mustard.
  • Veggies and chicken with lemon thyme.
  • Chicken and Chipotle.
  • Salads from the Middle East.
  • Skewer food.
  • Sliders are similar to several trendy bar food concepts.
  • Seafood concoction.
  • Cheese platters.
  • Mushroom stuffing.
  • Lettuce salad.
  • Pasta meals are baked.

The secret to providing food for events is to prepare something simple in huge quantities. Additionally, it must be durable so that it may be used throughout an event. You can think of a lot of catering menu ideas if you keep those things in mind.

What Food Can Be Provided Cheaply?

Any dish made with rice or noodles is the most affordable to provide. Those substances are among the simplest and least expensive to obtain in large quantities. 

We suggest mushroom risotto, fried rice with various add-ins, or tofu and greens mixed bowls for rice-based recipes. 

What foods are simple to prepare?

You should begin your meal with some appetizers such as fried wontons, charcuterie and cheese boards, pigs in a blanket, or the most delicious Mexican snacks.

Salads are tasty and easy to make, including Caesar salad, pasta salad, macaroni salad, fruit salad, quinoa salad, and a house salad.

There are several delectable options for sides, including potato salad, roasted potatoes, coleslaw, roasted asparagus, buns, and potato wedge fries.

Burgers, grilled chicken, one-pot stews, and chili are a few simple entrée options.

Desserts are simple to make and include sheet pan brownies, pastries, cookies or sweet biscuits, strawberries or blueberries wrapped in chocolate, coffee cake, or whipped pudding.

These choices might assist you in putting together a complete supper with minimal ingredients and straightforward preparation. Alternatively, you can offer these choices to the host and take any recommendations they may provide.

What kinds of menus are available for catering?

A la carte, static, du jour, cycle, and set menu options are the most typical forms of menu selection for catering businesses. Each of these has advantages and is found in restaurants as well. Working with one of these menu types and keeping everyone informed makes the whole process simpler for your team.

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Catering menu template PhotoADking

Catering menu template PhotoADking


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