5 Tips from Professionals on How to Design Custom Handle Boxes Wholesale

Businesses that sell products will be looking for packaging for these. If you are one of these businesses you may have come across custom handle boxes wholesale. The box has a handle which people can hold making it easier to carry. If your product is suitable for this type of packaging, you should know how to design it effectively so that it can help give a good impression of your brand. The box should be able to protect whatever you place inside it perfectly. It must even market your product to shoppers attracting them to want to buy it.

The following includes 5 tips that will help you design handle boxes properly:

  1. Handle and box must be strong

It is important that the complete box including the handle be strong. If the handle is weak, it can break when someone holds it therefore making the box probably fall and damage what is inside it. You will also annoy shoppers with packaging like this. The packaging should make their life easier.

You should choose sturdy packaging material for the handle and the box also so that it can protect the product. Some materials to make boxes from that are good include cardboard, corrugated cardboard, or Kraft. The handle should be the perfect strength so that it can handle the weight of the product. Customers should have confidence holding the box with the help of the handle. Handle packaging boxes wholesale like these can protect your product.

  1. Correct size handle and box

You need to be careful when figuring out the size of the custom handle boxes with logo. The handle has to be the right size so that it is comfortable to hold. It should not be too large and too small. The same is true for the size of the box.

You can measure what you want to package in the box then make a box with the correct amount of room present inside it. The product should not move and should not be congested within.

  1. Draw attention of consumer base

The custom handle boxes wholesale should be able to stand out to the people who will most probably end up buying the product in the box. You need to research on who your consumer base is so that you can create a packaging design that will attract them and make them want to buy the product.

For example if you are selling cake inside the box which adults will mostly buy, the packaging can look elegant and chic. It should appear professional as well. If the product is a toy for kids, the packaging can have images of popular cartoon characters on it. It can be colorful and fun looking as well.

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  1. Colors and images

If you are able to select the right colors and images to print on handle packaging boxes wholesale, the boxes can look more outstanding. You should carefully choose colors that signify the message you want to convey. Look at color psychology to get an idea of which colors will look good.

If you are a brand that wants to give the impression that your product is natural and you favor sustainable practices, you can use brown or green on the box.

If you want to include images on the box, try and relate these to the product so that people can easily know what it is.

  1. Increase brand awareness

Custom handle boxes with logo are a good option because the packaging will include a brand logo on it. It is this logo which you can use to help people know the different products that your company is selling in the market. This helps in increasing brand awareness. You can show people that your company is a professional one.

Include contact information like the address, phone number, email address, etc. of your brand on packaging as well.

Custom handle boxes wholesale are a good option for many different types of products. The boxes attract due to the handle and will also stand out when you design them in a remarkable way. You should concentrate on making a strong box so that no harm can occur to your product.

Custom Boxes Mart has custom handle boxes wholesale that they can make according to the needs of your product. The professional designers will design the box allowing it to show shoppers that your brand is one to buy from.

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