5 Types of Customer Feedback Tools and why they are so popular?

customer feedback tool
Customer feedback is a tool used to get user feedback from users about their opinions and experiences with your product or service. It implies that you can obtain information from clients regarding their level of satisfaction with the services you delivered. Due to their understanding of the value of consumer feedback in today’s competitive business environment, many companies are now using feedback systems. They now have more platforms to share their thoughts and ratings about your brand thanks to the growth of the internet. It’s simple to ignore important information and lose the opportunity to expand your company. To ensure that you can convert this consumer feedback into money, you need the best customer feedback software.

Types of Customer Feedback Tools

Survey tools

Surveys, questionnaires, and forms are some of the traditional processes to get user input. You can then ask the appropriate questions and get your customers’ summarised responses. You may instantly share them with your clients using online survey tools, and you can quickly learn from their responses. You can also make surveys available to your customers in several ways. You can submit them via email, for starters. Additionally, you can add a feedback button to your website so that users can quickly submit their reviews. An on-page pop-up survey on your website is an additional concept. You may quickly incorporate your questionnaires into your website, social media channels, or emails using survey tools. Similar to this, your software will automatically analyze and summarise data under the feedback from your clients. In this method, you can learn important things with just a quick glance.

Voice of Customer Tools

Voice of the Customer is a more modern and advanced technology (VOC). Customers can share their experiences with you using this kind of customer feedback software feature. Reporting, analytics, automation, and customer journeys are all examples of VOCs. You can gather customer feedback through virtual technologies like social media platforms, emails, online surveys, and SMS messages. But its reporting and analytics are where it excels. It makes use of effective techniques to gather crucial information, such as user happiness, to better comprehend what your customers want.

Online review tool

A recent study found that 80% of consumers agree that online evaluations have a direct impact on their selections when selecting a brand. Customers are more likely to buy from you if they have more good feedback. Just goes to show how much influence online reviews have on the expansion of your firm. Consequently, an online review tool is yet another crucial tool you require. You can better create and manage your internet reputation with the help of this application. It acts as a forum for your customers to express their unique viewpoints on your company.

Social feedback tools

Nowadays, consumers enjoy sharing their ideas on social media. It offers them full license to comment about your goods or services, favorably or unfavorably. However, because there is so much content on social media platforms, it is easy to miss what your customers are saying about your company. When selecting feedback and reviews management software, this is where a social feedback tool might be useful. It is specifically made to monitor posts, comments, and videos on social media that mention your brand. Additionally, it equips you with a proactive strategy for controlling your internet reputation, particularly if consumer complaints become viral.

Visual feedback tools

Under your platforms for customer happiness, you should also think about using visual feedback tools. You should give your customers the choice to send visual feedback when words are insufficient. This is excellent if you want feedback on specific web page parts or the user experience (UX) of your app. Heatmaps, user activities, and on-page/on-site consumer behaviors can all be captured using visual feedback systems. Similar to screenshots, virtual sticky notes, and underlining specific page items, it can also take these forms. This provides you with a thorough understanding of how about your services or goods are working and what problems need to be resolved.

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