A Quick Guide to Open a Poultry Farm in Pakistan

feeding chicken

In today’s lesson, we’ll go through the steps necessary to launch a successful poultry farming enterprise in Pakistan. Poultry farming refers to the process of cultivating chickens, ducks, turkeys, and geese for the purpose of harvesting their meat and eggs. These feathered friends are often referred to as “domestic birds.” Pakistan is mostly an agricultural nation, hence there is a significant market for chicken products. The business of raising poultry is conducted not only on a national level but also produces goods of export grade. These days, meals often revolve heavily on chicken in some kind. Not just at home, but also at restaurants and fast food establishments, chicken is an essential ingredient. If one is thinking about beginning a poultry farm company, they are headed in the correct direction owing to the huge need for chicken.

To launch the company, you are going to require a significant financial investment. To get started, an individual has to purchase property in a certain region. A piece of land with a width of at least one hectare is required. Following the selection of property for agricultural purposes, the following stage is the installation of the flock of chickens. To achieve the desired level of output and to provide enough revenue, a significant number of chickens is required.


If a person is interested in undertaking this business and has the potential to build his company but does not have enough money to get started, for this reason the government and banks, including Zarai Taraqiati bank, grant loans to start the business. Zarai Taraqiati bank is one of the banks. It is possible to get the loan in order to either acquire a location in which to launch the farm or to acquire chickens and other necessities necessary for the operation of the farm.

The process of applying for the loan is straightforward, and the lender will not only provide the interested party with a loan but will also provide assistance in the form of professional guidance to help them effectively manage their company. The applicant’s company and their current situation are taken into consideration before deciding whether or not to grant the loan. About 30,000 square feet of space is needed in order to accommodate 10,000 chickens. In today’s world, people often utilize either a floor shed or a cage shed for their storage needs. There is a need for a built-up size of 4,000 square feet for a cage shed, but there is a requirement for an area of 7,500 square feet for a floor shed. A single bird typically requires roughly 0.4 to 0.75 square feet of living area on a daily basis.

When a new firm is formed, there is a great need for careful management of the company. All of the information has to be stored safely. Animals that are raised in farm houses need the same level of specialized care as children in order to ensure their healthy development and avoid contracting infectious diseases. In order to ensure the hens’ continued good health, a veterinary practitioner should do routine checks on them. In the same way that sick and diseased poultry are hazardous to human health, they will also be detrimental to the company’s bottom line. Therefore, in order to have a successful company, all of the elements, such as the birds’ food, the temperature at which they must live in order to be comfortable, and their health concerns, must be adequately addressed. You have to consider all of these elements before starting the business otherwise you will be at loss, and would not be able get profit through the poultry items. For Example, today Punjab egg rate is Rs. 239 per dozen, if the investments are more then the sale price then you will be at loss.






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