Difference between Brad Nailer and Fanish Nailer

Difference between Brad Nailer and Fanish Nailer

Actually, the machine has played a vital role in the life of mankind that is a huge revelation of this century. However, the individual uses and takes full fruit of such machines to finish their work in minutes. Subsequently, there has been invented different machines for different work to be reduced so far. So, here in this article I am gonna share some key-points and differences between Brad Nailer and Brad Pin. Let’s have a look into the esteemed machines and the basic difference between them as well.


What Is A Brad Nailer?

Brad Nailer is a pneumatic or battery tool that operates small nails, like a nail weapon so far.


What Is A Finish Nailer?

A Finish Nailer is a nail gun designed for fastening  finishing substances, like trim crown molding etc with Finish Nailer as well.


Difference Between Finish Nailer And Brad Nailer:

I prefer you to go with Finish Nailer for thick wood and Brad Nailer for thin wood. Finish Nailers are stalwarts than the Brads. Pick them if your project requires it to be long lasting. Brad Nailers are thin, 18 gauge nails for more intricate woodworking jobs. They are obtainable in accumulated stripes for nail guns or individual pieces.

Brad Nailers are satisfactory for baseboards, hard boards and walls as well. Almost fire brads as long as 2 inches, which is sufficient to pierce a 3/4 thick molding.  https://lumbuy.com/electric-nail-gun/

The main difference between these two nail guns is the size of nails shot. The lower the gauge number, the thicker the nail is. The Brad nailer fires 18 gauge, and the Finish Nailer fires 16 gauge respectively. Brad nailer has 0.0475 inches hole size and Finish nailer has 0.0720 inches. If we talk about their capacity the Brad nailer has less holding power as compared to Finish nailer. Finish nailer has potential to resist higher payload.


Advantages Of Brad Nailer In front Of Finish Nailer: 

Brad nail guns don’t weigh enough and can easily be run with just a single hand. Due to the small size of Brad Nailer can be very accurate and allow you to run nails where you want to. This is the main reason why Brad nailer is better to use for delicate substances.



 Brad Nailer has a tough time with patent  substances, such as hardwoods and some thicker panels products such as MDF and plywood. The small size of 18 gauge brads won’t have much holding energy for these such types of substance and  sometimes aren’t even strong enough to penetrate the wood


Uses Of Such Instruments:

Brad nailer is brilliant for lightweight and moulding. Finish nailer I outstanding for furniture, door casing, and other carpentry works. Brad nailer won’t break or crack thin pieces of wood. This one is especially good for carpenters. A Brad nailer is a light duty substance. It is used for adding small decorative moldings to plain panels or under stairs treads. These tools are famous with crafters and model creators. They are usually used for making bird houses and bat boxes. These are flexible tools for homeowners to own. Literally  affordable and cheap rates in cost and useful for a variety of works. These will work for light farming works.



Brad Nailer is usually used for attaching paneling, fastening decorative moldings, installing baseboards, temporarily holding pieces together when using glue, and creating pictures, frames, borders and some other small things. So, both the instruments are well known and can be used as first aid at home. Though, the fundamental usages and conditions are narrated above. To be careful while the purpose you are going to use each instrument around you and indoor on behalf of you as well. 

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