I am Evan Lionhart, a profound healer, rootworker and conventional celestial prophet. I trust this thinks that you are well.

Presently living in New Jersey, my training consolidates various modalities however based on utilizing crystal gazing and Rootwork as methods for remediating issues both physical and otherworldly.

Evan Lionhart

My otherworldly excursion started quite early in life. Brought up in the Pentecostal church, my “first contact” with otherworldly energy showed up as heavenly mending, forecasting, and affecting strong change through confidence and supplication. It was during these years that I developed delicate to profound energies and found my own gifts, one being the capacity to mend.

About Evan Lionhart

I fostered an interest in enchantment and divination in my initial teenagers, starting with the Tarot. I gained my most memorable deck and felt an association that was quick and felt corroborative. I had never held or worked with the Tarot before then, so I depended on the narratives they painted to me for my understanding. In addition to the fact that they were exact, they turned into a steady hotspot for clear direction; a device by which I had the option to help myself as well as other people. I have since been perusing the Tarot, playing a game of cards and different frameworks of divination for well more than 10 years.

Hoodoo Psychic Evan lionhart

Part of what I offer includes making comprehensive, otherworldly techniques to assist individuals with recuperating from profound injury, recapture lost certainty, turn legal disputes in support of themselves, gain business, and cultivating compromise between individuals. I truly appreciate working with clients who need assistance refining their objectives and gifts, fostering their own particular manner of talking with Soul, and telling others the best way to engage themselves through these apparatuses.

More About Psychic Evan Lionhart

I make and use my own otherworldly items, made from both conventional and contemporary formulae: profound teas, hand-poured candles, magic packs, roots, and showers. My insight into electional soothsaying permits me to choose the best times for my client’s endeavors, and specialty magic items and ceremonies for affecting the best result for their benefit. I possibly take on demands for custom work assuming that it is first cleared by my Precursors. Thusly, booking a perusing would be the initial step to working with me straightforwardly.

I right now offer both mysterious and Tarot-based readings by telephone or email, contingent upon which is most straightforward for you. Close by mystical training, I offer help with showing work potential open doors, eliminating otherworldly blockages, negative outlooks, and crossed conditions; compromise, security, and working on your own clairvoyant and profound capacities.

As of now, I don’t take demands for hexing/crossing or separation work.

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