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Knowledge is in all places, particularly on the subject of learning how to construct your status. Whether or not it is in your private life or in the enterprise, you possibly can’t go unsuitable with these phrases of recommendation from the clever, well-known, and skilled all through the historical past. Listed here are 25 quotes on status to encourage you as you construct and develop your personal in an optimistic route.


“Be extra involved with character than status. Character is what you might be, status is what folks suppose you might be.” 
– John Wood

From the record-setting late UCLA basketball coach, this is among the most frequently repeated quotes about character and reputation, and it’s as true for enterprise as it’s your private life. Whereas status is how the general public sees you, it might probably go hand in hand with character. Your status comes from the authenticity of character in your life, enterprise, and model. Be of fine character and it’ll shine via in your status.

“Repute is like superb china: As soon as damaged it’s very onerous to restore.”
– Abraham Lincoln

Folks will forgive you in the event that they see that you just made a mistake and come clean with it, however it might probably take a very long time for them to neglect, if ever. It is higher to zealously guard status and work to maintain it as optimistic as potential. But when it does falter, it is vital to fix your reputation as soon as possible.


“Work is the value which is paid for status.”

– Baltasar Gracian

Holding a status optimistic, particularly in enterprise, requires a watchful eye. It is advisable to ensure you keep on prime of how folks see you by interacting with your stakeholders and being keenly conscious of how you might be considered by the general public. Give it focus and your onerous work will repay.



“The better the issue the extra glory in surmounting it. Skillful pilots acquire their status from storms and tempests.”

– Epictetus

Once you face difficulties in your enterprise, keep the course and push on. Your status will develop and the general public will see your enterprise for the sturdy entity it’s and reply accordingly.


“All you will have in the enterprise is your status – so it is crucial that you just maintain your phrase.”

– Richard Branson

Just remember to not solely have an optimistic status with the general public however observe it up with actions and information that help the general public view. For those who say one thing, ensure you imply it and maintain your phrase.


“You may purchase a superb status; you could earn it.”

– Harvey Mackay

There are not any shortcuts to a superb status. It takes onerous work and genuine motion.


“Your private model is a promise to your purchasers… a promise of high quality, consistency, competency, and reliability.”

– Jason Hartman

Your model and status are uniquely yours. The no different firm can precisely replicate the connection you will have together with your stakeholders. The easiest way to attach and foster an optimistic status is to be genuine after which again it is up with motion.


Arnold Bennett quote reputation

“It’s troublesome to make a status, however is much more troublesome severely to mar a status as soon as correctly made – so devoted is the general public.”

– Arnold Bennett

If stakeholders know that you’ve got a historical past of doing the fitting issues and the status you will have developed comes from a genuine place, the general public will usually be extra forgiving if your organization makes a misstep. That is why it’s critical to foster a positive reputation.


“It’s higher to be alone than in an unhealthy firm.”

– George Washington

Watch out who you affiliate with, whether or not it’s private or enterprise. The general public will measure you by who you’re employed with, even in the company world.


Socrates quote reputation

Regard your good identity because the richest jewel you possibly can probably be possessed of.”

– Socrates

The reputation of your business is one of your most important assets. Guard it rigorously and work diligently to develop it in an optimistic route.


“A status as soon as damaged could probably be repaired, however, the world will all the time maintain their eyes on the spot the place the crack was.”

– Joseph Corridor

Reputations will be recovered, but it surely takes time and effort (and sometimes a bit of help). It might be sometime earlier than the general public forgets what occurred, however, that does not imply you should not repair it. In actual fact, it is important that you just do and achieve this shortly.


“You may construct a status on what you’re going to do.”
– Henry Ford

Speak is affordable and actions communicate louder than phrases. The general public needs to see that you’re doing issues, not simply paying lip service. Usually, they see proper via inauthenticity and assume you might be doing it simply to be able to lure them in, which is able to make them flip in the opposite manner and probably to your rivals.

“Character is far simpler stored than recovered.” 
– Thomas Paine

Constructing your status and being true to it isn’t solely simpler however simpler than making an attempt to rebuild it after a disaster. Fastidiously monitoring your picture and fixing issues earlier than they get uncontrolled will mean you can keep away from main issues sooner or later.

“If I handle my character, my status will handle itself.” 
– D.L. Moody

In case your motives are true and genuine, your status will observe. Do not attempt to pretend it both. The general public will be very savvy


“Start someplace. You can’t construct a status on what you plan to do.” 
– Liz Smith

Take motion and do not simply say you’re going to do one thing. The world is stuffed with folks with concepts, so be an individual or firm who takes motion and your status will replicate that.



“Whether or not true or false, what is claimed about males usually has as a lot effect on their lives, and notably on their destinies, as what they do.” 
– Victor Hugo

Folks discuss and that is a part of how reputations are made. It is how you might be considered within the public area, whether or not true or not, that shapes your status. So it is crucial to watch how you might be seen by folks and the general public’s opinion of you.


“There isn’t a commercial as highly effective as an optimistic status touring quick.”

– Brian Koslow

Phrase spreads and also you need it to be optimistic. Folks won’t solely be drawn to your enterprise’s good status however will inform others and your enterprise will develop.


“It takes 20 years to construct a status and 5 minutes to spoil it. If you concentrate on that, you will do issues otherwise.”

– Warren Buffett

Bear in mind that you’ve got put your entire blood, sweat, and tears into not solely your enterprise but your status and the way folks see your model. It will possibly all come crashing down in a short time, so guard your status intently and method your public picture rigorously.


“Whoever renders service to many places himself in line for greatness – nice wealth, nice return, nice satisfaction, nice status, and nice pleasure.”

– Jim Rohn

Giving again is a crucial part of the enterprise. You aren’t solely serving others, however, it should add to your status and stakeholders will reply to your actions.

wrquotesq“Stay in such a manner that you wouldn’t be ashamed to promote your parrot to the city gossip.”

– Will RogersThough a humorous tackle status, the quote isn’t any much less true. Be sure that your actions are genuine and if somebody on the surface sees how issues work in your organization or your motivations, that there are not any secrets and techniques.


“A status is what you hear when nobody is there to talk for it.” 
– Jeffrey Fry

Your status says every part about your enterprise or model. You may all the time be there to inform everybody about the way you conduct enterprise, so it’s critical that what the general public sees, hears, and believes about you and your organization is optimistic.


“A very powerful factor for a younger man is to ascertain a credit score… a status, character.”
– John D. Rockefeller

It is by no means too early to begin creating an optimistic status. It prices nothing and is past measurable worth.


“An important ingredient which binds prospects to a model is belief.”
– Bernard Kelvin Clive

A superb status and buyer belief go hand in hand. It’s critical that they imagine in your organization or they won’t solely take their enterprise elsewhere, they might counsel others to achieve this as nicely.


“A status for common sense, for honest dealing, for a fact, and for rectitude, is itself a fortune.”
– Henry Ward Beecher

Your status is among the most useful issues you will have. It speaks volumes about the way you deal with folks and the method enterprises and the general public will discover. Be certain that honesty and equity are a big part of it.


“A status for a thousand years could rely on the conduct of a single second.”

– Ernest Bramah

Even essentially the most rigorously cared for status can come crashing down immediately. It is vital to be vigilant and thoroughly monitor how the general public and stakeholders see you. This consists of not solely your method to prospects but the way in which you deal with your staff and protect contact with social actions and the way you relate to the general public.

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