How to Pick the Best Speaker Hire London for Your Conference?

An event’s success and its speaker roster frequently go hand in hand. This is true because speakers bring so much value in addition to thought leadership.

Great speakers have the ability to establish trust with new prospects and convince attendees who aren’t sure whether to attend to register by combining the proper amount of authenticity, relevance, and reach. They serve as temporary brand advocates for your event, adding legitimacy and integrity while assisting with attendance growth.

Your speaker lineup has a lot riding on it, so you obviously want to get it properly. This is how to choose a quality speaker for your upcoming conference.

The choice of speakers for your event is among the most crucial choices you’ll have to make. The success of your event will depend not only on the choice of speaker hire london but also on how long attendees will retain the information you present.

Speakers influence the event’s overall mood and boost ticket sales. Therefore, accepting a lecture invitation is serious business.

The number of variables that go into selecting an interesting and memorable speaker lineup may surprise many people. Selecting speakers is real science. It all comes down to selecting speakers that have a good rapport with your audience. Prioritize the material you are providing and diversify your speaker lineup if you want your event to be a success.

Hunting for the Best Speakers for Your Conference

An event’s success frequently correlates with its speaker roster. This is so because, in addition to offering thought leadership, speakers are so valuable.

Great speakers have the ability to establish trust with new prospects and convince hesitant audiences to register by combining the proper ratio of authenticity, relevance, and reach. They serve as temporary brand ambassadors for your event, lending their authority and moral character, which increases registration and aids in attracting a larger audience.

It makes sense that you would want to get your speaker lineup just right with so much on the lineup. For your upcoming conference, use these steps to choose a quality speaker.

To locate quality speakers:

  1. Conduct research on Twitter, LinkedIn, SlideShare, and Google. You can also look up certain topics, occupations, and follower counts using programs like FollowerWonk and Audiense.
  2. Make your request clear. Clarify the what, why, where, and who of your event before contacting any of the speakers on your list. Keep your message short and concise. Additionally, be sure to add to it when you secure the remaining speakers for your event. If someone sees that a familiar face has already been secured for your event, it’s also a really compelling incentive for them to register.
  3. Make contact with your list. Recall that speakers are employed as busy people. Therefore, don’t worry if you don’t hear back from your initial email. Simply try once more. The key to success is polite perseverance. And only then should you switch tactics if you haven’t received a response after sending out a second or third email.
  4. Ask around in your neighborhood to see who knows who. You will be shocked! Additionally, a speaker’s bureau is always an option if everything else fails.
  5. A lineup should feel cohesive and tell a story rather than feel like it was put together at random. Why are all these speakers here, and how are their presentations related to one another? And how do they relate to your theme in their talks?
  6. Another thing to bear in mind is that the speaker lineups with the most variation are the most interesting. Diversity should include in your roster, regardless of gender, color, geography, or point of view.

What Qualities Should a Good Speaker have?

While you start hunting for the best speakers for your event, you must keep the following qualities in your mind;

Captivating and Entertaining

Look for persons that have a history of captivating audiences as you start your search for suitable candidates. These characteristics will ensure that listeners are happy and enjoying the sound.

Having speakers who are dull and incapable of speaking in front of an audience on the roster is the worst scenario for an event organizer. You want attendees to feel inspired and motivated when they leave your conference,


You should include both relevance and entertainment on your list of desired qualities. Another crucial trait your speakers must possess is influence. Find those who are as influencers in your field and who can comment on some of the most recent trends.

Well Maintained & Experienced

It’s crucial that you find speakers for your conference who have the skills and training necessary to hold an audience’s attention. You want a speaker whose background fits the themes and subjects of your event.

Has the speaker ever given a presentation in front of a big crowd? Has the speaker given presentations to your industry before? Can they communicate clearly on the subject at hand? All of those things should be taken into account when hiring speakers.

You’ve now established your initial standards for speakers. How do you choose from the hundreds of available industry experts? How can you focus your search? Let’s examine a couple of strategies for finding speaker hire london for your event.


Every conference organizer hopes to have a well-known speaker deliver the keynote address. However, it will be a waste of time and money for everyone if the speaker’s message does not coincide with the interests or aims of your target audience.

You want attendees to feel as though the information they heard at your conference was the greatest they heard all year. Look for speakers who can address the concerns of the audience and offer them guidance for their enterprises and personal life.


A fantastic speaker may make or break the success of your event, so keep that in mind. Therefore, don’t wait until the last minute to contact speakers. Start nine to twelve months in advance with the speaker outreach procedure. Prioritize speaker objectives and expectations during the planning process.

Participants should survey right away to get their opinions on the information the speakers presented. By doing this, you may assess the conference’s effectiveness and decide who should you invite back the following year. If you are looking for a trustworthy company, EMS events have the best solution for you! Visit them and decide!



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