How To Print Custom Serum Boxes To Attract Customers

serum boxes

You may have noticed serum boxes all over the place. They’re those little cardboard boxes that hold bottles of your favorite face serums, body lotions, or anti-aging products. Some are plain, but others are decorated with ornate patterns and designs that are meant to attract consumers to purchase the product inside the box. Custom serum boxes have become increasingly popular over the last few years as more people are trying to treat themselves to better skin care products and age-defying treatments at home. In fact, it’s predicted that serum sales will exceed $1 billion by 2024 due to this trend!

Step 1: Selecting your packaging type

The first step in custom serum box packaging of your product is to select your packaging. You can choose from a large range of options including makeup boxes, serum boxes, skin care containers, and gift set boxes. Each of them has its own specifications. You will need to assess what kind of product you are making, where it is going to be sold, and at what price point. There is also a lot of competition in the beauty market so it’s important for you to use nice high-quality packaging that stands out from your competitors.

In addition, you can choose your desired color scheme matching your brand’s theme and choose a befitting logo style including typography to attract your customers to your brand. The alluring information printing with a catchy design makes your serum boxes stand apart from others in the crowd.

Step 2: Design & Pre-Press File Preparation

Before a print can be sent to a printer, each digital file must be formatted and prepared well. However, this step includes designing your labels of serum packaging boxes and getting images ready for printing, in addition to pre-press file preparation. Ensure that everything looks right and fits well on your custom designed 30ml bottle boxes before printing.

There are many experts at creating labels, boxes, and other marketing materials so no worries about having a little help from them. Getting help from someone with experience can be really beneficial when creating custom printed skin care boxes! It will also add an extra layer of security because you know that they have previously done something similar to what you’re ordering; making it more likely that the product will look good.

Step 3: Printing Process

Once you’re happy with how your label or skin care packaging box design looks, it’s time to print them out. You’ll want to make sure that they’re printed properly since they’re one of the first things people will see.

The printing process of custom serum packaging boxes is direct-to-print (DTP) high-speed inkjet printing, which can be printed in under 16 seconds. It can apply top coat finishing and UV varnishing, silk screen printing, and hot stamping foiling. The final product is crystal clear artwork on a high gloss laminated cardboard substrate material, with glossy effects to make sure all customers are impressed by the visual experience.

Another way is by using a common 3D printer and readily available materials. It can be done by using different methods including injection molding, but for this project of skin care packaging boxes, we will be going over 3D printing. It is much easier to create complex designs using a 3D printer. In addition to being cost-effective in smaller batches of custom serum packaging boxes, they are quicker to produce than injection molded versions. Trending Update News

However, you should ensure that your printer is capable of achieving your desired design and quality before deciding on whether to go with an existing product or create a custom one from scratch. Follow all local regulations when dealing with your products so that you do not risk being shut down for printing unauthorized parts for FDA-regulated items like pharmaceuticals and medical devices.


The best way to effectively attract customers is by providing a complete custom serum box package. It includes not only quality products but also attractive serum packaging that makes your product stand out on store shelves. To do that, you’ll need to invest in high-quality skin care packaging boxes. The only thing left for you is to select which design and type of box will work best for your product—and which will ultimately give you a competitive edge over other companies in your industry. Global Top Trend

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