How to Save Thousands of Dollars on Your Monthly Grocery Bills


As the cost of groceries for the typical family continues to climb, I made the decision to investigate a product that is hailed as “the number one money-saving tool” on one of the most popular blogs devoted to home economics.

When it comes to items that are meant to save money, I have a healthy amount of skepticism. However, after seeing my wife purchase this product and realize that she is genuinely saving money every week, I was interested.

  • I was anticipating being informed that I could save even more money by making purchases at Costco and making use of coupons. Lana must have wanted to blackmail people like me with one totally unknown piece of information after another because I laughed out loud when I found myself making unnecessary purchases that I hadn’t even thought of (I’ve always taken pride in the fact that I’m a careful bargain hunter!). Lana must have wanted to blackmail people like me with one totally unknown piece of information after another.
  • I found that I, along with many other people, had fallen for many of the marketing strategies employed by supermarkets to persuade us to pay without recognizing it. These techniques include a variety of different sales pitches and promotions.
  • The information on numerous offers and prices alone, in my opinion, is worth the price of the e-book, and the majority of individuals who read it will get a slap on the wrist as a result of what they learn from it.
  • Prior to reading this information, the majority of people, including myself, fell into one of the two categories described by Lana on the product sales page: those who believe they have already saved money and those who don’t know how much money they can save.
  • I was really drawn to the additional information. Both the price guides for the products and the interviews with the store managers were really good. The price guide is an excellent and useful addition to the package. Also, the interviews that show the inner workings of the food industry make for a really interesting read that compliments much of the material in the eBook and makes you think about how you spend your money on food. You can find these interviews at the end of the book.

I would suggest it to everyone who is interested in making a modest financial commitment in exchange for a substantial return. I challenge everyone not to mentally criticize the wasteful habits of other shoppers when they see their money being thrown out the window of an Indian grocery store; I know I have. I can’t imagine how anyone using these strategies and information wouldn’t be able to save the money they need to, and I can’t imagine how anyone wouldn’t be able to save the money they need to if they used these strategies and information.

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