Identifying Authentic BB Simons Belts From Fake Ones

green BB Simon belt

BB Simon belts are a popular choice among fashionistas. They are well-known because of their elaborate, eye-catching designs, expert craftsmanship, and top-notch materials. The belts are well-liked by fashionistas, who frequently sport them to make a bold fashion statement or inject an extra dose of glitz into an ensemble. They’re crafted from high-quality leather and adorned with sparkling stones and sturdy rivets. Belts come in various widths and styles, including reversible options that may be worn with a dressy or casual outfit. Belts are associated with specific brands and are widely used. Thus, it should be no surprise that counterfeit belts are sold. How to tell genuine from counterfeit is the topic of this article.

How To Spot A Fake BB Simon Belt?


The BB Simon’s emblem is seen on the reverse of nearly all of their regular buckles. Following are examples of the two most frequent layouts. The original single logo imprint is located on the left buckle. Newer multiple logo imprint on the right buckle. We anticipate a gradual phase-out of the previous buckle style as the green BB Simon belt switches to the new buckle style.

  • There will always be an indentation of the BB Simon’s logo into the buckle’s metal. The branding is integrated into the buckle design of the metal closure.
  • While most belts do feature the BB Simon insignia on the reverse of the buckle; there are a few exceptions. The buckles that aren’t branded tend to be more unusual. If you’re looking for a buckle without the BB Simon logo, check out the one we’ve included below.
  • The BB Simon logo may not appear on the reverse of the buckle of all pre-2010 belts. Extremely rare and probably around 15 years old, these belts are collector’s items.


On the reverse side of the leather of every used BB Simon belt is the brand’s signature belt size. Typically, the stamp will use metallic ink, but other colors are possible. A model number is also sometimes imprinted. The stamp is sometimes imperfect during manufacture because it is applied by hand.

The older logo and size method may be stamped into vintage BB Simon belts or the leather may be indented.

Handwritten codes

Workers frequently write production codes under the buckle snaps during the manufacturing process. These codes can be found in the buckle.

Leather, Studs, And Stitching

The edges are not usually stitched consistently as depicted. Since each belt is handcrafted individually, there is considerable variation in the leather and beadwork around the borders.

Some BB Simon belts include press impressions on the reverse leather, but this is not the case for all styles.

The belt’s inner leather will conceal the studs. Only when huge decorative items are affixed to the belt will there be metal items on the inside leather.

Containers and Labels

New belts will come with tags that feature the BB Simon’s emblem and “California” are engraved in gold on the front. No raised letters will be around the “MADE IN USA” logo or the QR code. The front tags will be matte black instead of glossy black. The text on the tag’s reverse side lies flat. The tags aren’t always cut consistently, and the knot in the white string can easily be untied.

The following image depicts the authentic BB Simon belt tag included with older models. BB Simon no longer uses this tag, although it is still a valid one.

Such type of belt that has become more widely available in recent years is a used version of a BB Simon belt, which has helped many a fashionista realise their sartorial dreams.

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