LifeCheq: A Central Place for Users to Manage Personal Finances!


Are you too young to manage your finances?

Honestly, it’s never too early!

Or do you think you are too rich to keep track of your spending?

Whatever reasons there might be, every individual must have a flawless finance management plan to plan their investment, expenses, savings, and more.

Therefore, now that people have become smarter and make informed decisions, the demand for financial management has increased. Thus, having realized the opportunity, Abu Addae- the CEO of LifeCheq, introduced the fintech platform that emphasizes the improvement of customers’ financial objectives.

Do you want to learn more about the services LifeCheq has to offer? Then, continue reading!

Naspers Announced Its Investment in LifeCheq

LifeCheq is an Artificial Intelligence incorporated platform that has the top-notch financial advisors on board, who work on enabling their clients to manage their finances. The platform also integrates a dashboard via which they can keep a check on their financial status, letting them plan their goals accordingly. In addition, the financial advisors advise the consumers and enable them to engage with a financial service offering.

Naspers has recently announced its investment in LifeCheq, and the platform has bagged R40 million in its early stage!

According to the South Africa CEO of Naspers, “They are enthusiastic about supporting the rising entrepreneurs that make an exceptional contribution to the society.”

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You still must be wondering that finance management is an easy task, so why would anyone opt for platforms that help do the same?

Fortunately, we’ve got your answers!

Why Do Consumers Opt for Finance Management Apps? 

Listed below are some of the primary reasons people opt for a finance management app, and it is likely to give you more reasons to build one:

1. Better Understanding of Money Matters

What’s your basic understanding of money?

Of course, it’s used in exchange for things you need; however, it is a lot more than that. Therefore, learning more about finance and related concept is known as ‘money literacy,’ which can be done via finance management apps. People also get familiar with the budget they must plan for spending and the investments to make, precisely being the reason for people to opt for these apps.

2. Organized Expenses and Savings

As mentioned earlier, most people only care about paying bills and other expenses without keeping track of how much they are spending and saving. Therefore, most people are left in a dilemma about where did their money go!

It is essential to keep aside an amount for saving, and use the left chunk for all other expenditures. Furthermore, you can provide your customers with the tips to manage expenses and savings, such as:

– Create two bank accounts

Manage one for transferring the amount for savings as soon as people receive their paycheck. The other one is to be left with the amount for expenses.

– Opt for a finance management app

‘Word of Mouth’ is an exceptional manner for news to travel fast! Therefore, give reasons to your customers that they discuss about your platform with their loved ones. In this manner, your app is likely to acquire a solid consumer base.

– Enable customers to make a checklist

It’ll add brownie points to your app if you integrate features like calendar, post-its, etc.

3. Establishes Transparent Financial Objectives

For people willing to stay out of debt and have a financially free mechanism, the priority should be to set these goals. Therefore, finance management apps can enable app users to get their priorities straight by letting them concentrate on their objectives via the steps mentioned below:

– Enable customers to plan their long-term and short-term goals.

– Helps build specific, measurable, relevant, and achievable goals.

– Helps check one’s budget.

– Enables monitoring progress.

4. Awakens the Desire to Earn More

One of the best use cases of financial management apps for customers is the motivation they get to earn and save more for desirable future plans. In addition, customers are always fueled to figure out new ways of investing and earning higher profits.

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To Sum Up!

Sure, who doesn’t want financial freedom; however, they are unfamiliar with the methods to do so!

Notably, once a consumer starts taking care of their finance, there’s no going back, and fintech apps make it a seamless ride. So, how about developing an app that lets users achieve what they want?

If we are on the same page, reach out to the professionals of a mobile app development company in South Africa for more insights into the idea!

Happy innovation!

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