Make Personalized Custom Family Portrait Wall Art for Fall

custom family portrait

I adore these watercolour family portraits because they are so distinctive and personalized, and you can completely customise them to reflect your own family. Continue reading to learn where to get the graphics for your own family portraits and how to make them in Cricut Design Space.

Regarding the custom family portrait

One of my favourite hobbies is creating art for my house. Not only is it typically less expensive than buying prints to frame, but it also allows me to customise the design to look EXACTLY how I want it to.

In this Design Space tutorial, you’ll learn how to create your own watercolour family portrait wall art.

Designing custom family portrait for customers as part of your craft business can be a great way to make money. Customers will frequently pay more for something that is completely customised for them, and with so many options available, you can be sure to give them something they’ll adore!

These designs are popular for friends, wedding gifts (e.g., a bride with all of her bridesmaids), Christmas gifts (e.g., a family sitting in Christmas pyjamas), new baby announcements, celebrating a milestone birthday, and more.

A video tutorial for creating a watercolour family portrait

To learn how to create your own watercolour family portraits, watch this video. You can find links to download the watercolour graphics further down this page, along with a comprehensive written tutorial and also check this topposttoday.

I wanted to include a written tutorial for this project because I know many of my readers prefer it to watch a video, but if you’re new to Design Space. They come in a tonne of different clothes, ages, hair, and accessory options so you can make a totally unique design.

Photo presents That Are Special and Individual

Instead of a photo album or a regular frame, why not put your digital photos in a digital frame? A digital frame automatically cycles through various photo collections. They can be family photos, beautiful scenery, or favourite memories!

Nowadays, photos are usually available digitally, so publishing a photo book makes a great personalised gift. Additionally, there is no need to worry about unintentionally deleting images.

Utilizing Art Deco in design

Interior design and furniture were at the forefront of this design movement in the late nineteenth century. It is still possible to decorate your home’s interiors to appear as though it were a scene from the Roaring Twenties.

Home accents can incorporate the streamlined forms and shapes seen in vintage automobiles. Look for French-style coffee tables and armchairs with sharp, angular edges. Furthermore, geometric shapes are always a good choice, so include rectangular or even oblong mirrors in your bedroom.

While you’re at it, try some interesting lighting experiments. Excellent lighting fixtures include Art Deco chandeliers, which have a variety of geometric patterns and motifs. They also create a certain glam appearance that is reminiscent of old movies. Remember the prominent dawn or sunburst symbol that defines this design aesthetic? Purchase a sunburst-rock chandelier to hang over your dining room table for the ultimate Art-Deco homage.


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