The platform provides detailed turn-by-turn

There are several route planners that use postcodes to help you navigate to your destination. Some popular options include:

  1. Google Maps: Google Maps is a widely-used online mapping service that allows users to input postcodes or addresses to find directions and navigate to specific locations. The platform provides detailed turn-by-turn directions, estimated travel time, and distance.
  2. MapQuest: MapQuest is another online mapping service that uses postcodes to generate suggested routes and directions. Users can input their starting point and postcode route planner destination and choose between different routing options, including the fastest route or the most scenic route.
  3. Waze: Waze is a navigation app that uses real-time traffic data to provide the most efficient route possible. Users can input their destination using a postcode or address, and the app will generate turn-by-turn directions based on traffic conditions and other factors.
  4. Bing Maps: Bing Maps is a mapping service provided by Microsoft that offers postcode-based route planning. The platform also provides 3D mapping, bird’s eye views, and real-time traffic updates to help users navigate more effectively.
  5. Route Planner: Route Planner is a UK-based service that specializes in postcode-based route planning. Users can input up to 50 different postcodes or addresses and the platform will generate the most efficient route between all of them.

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