Think You’re Cut Out for Doing Home Pest Control: Tips to Save the Most Money?

Pest Control

When people think of home pest control, they usually don’t think of it until they are actually bothered during the night by opossums or rats scurrying through the roof void and ceiling, or maybe Maybe they see evidence of where the pest has been, and this could either be through droppings or noticing other damage in the woodwork that is mainly caused by termites.

That’s enough for the homeowner to reach for the phone to have their local pest control technician come quickly to get rid of those pests quickly.

Why do home and property owners leave it until there is a problem before seeking a pest control advisory? What many people don’t realize is that having regular pest control inspections and treatments is the answer to saving money, as potential problems can be dealt with early, allowing for saving money before damage is done.

It is generally recommended that, as part of general home and property maintenance, you do a pest inspection once a year. It can be every six months if you have termites in your neighborhood. It’s worth the cost of an inspection to find out if the termites have decided to put your home on their menu and then stop them in their tracks.

Commercial properties are again different in terms of the number of visits required by the different health authorities in your country who might see a pest control officer each month. This is why it pays to have free advice from your pest control technician to see how many visits would be required.

The best way to save money is to step up your housekeeping so that there is no food source for pests. This is done by:

Ensure that no plates or crockery are left on the sink

  • they must be washed or placed in the dishwasher
  • Wipe down all work surfaces
  • Keep the tops of sauce bottles wiped clean
  • Make sure all package items are stored in sealed containers
  • Fix dripping taps – most pests are attracted to both food sources and water, so a kitchen is an easy target for them
  • Sweep floors and vacuum carpets

Get rid of any leftover pet food – don’t leave it overnight

Ask the pest control officer for advice before their inspection, especially when treating your property for fleas or bed bugs. With fleas, his advice might be to cut the lawns and hot wash your pet’s bedding, and treat the animal with flea shampoo.

By being guided by the advice the pest control agent gives you both before and after treatments, you will save the most money, as many pests other than termites will respond to the principles of vigilant housekeeping and make your home less attractive to them.

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