This type of booklet is the easiest to create

This type of booklet is the easiest to create. If you decide to make a saddle stitched book, it is a good idea to fold the first page back and staple it to the front cover.

This will prevent the pages from getting loose and flapping when the book is opened and closed. Other types of booklets include Perfect Bound, Spiral Coil and Wire Coil.

If you want to create a wire coil booklet, it is necessary to place the booklets sheets of paper into a wire. You can either bind the wire with tape or use glue. The spiral coil is a bit more difficult than the wire coil.

With this method, you must wrap the paper around a circular rod, which is usually aluminum or cardboard. After wrapping the paper around the rod, cut the pages to the size of the inside pages. A wire coil booklet is very durable.

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