7 Ways to Improve the Hotel Guest Experience

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In the hotel industry, the goal is to meet and exceed your guests’ expectations. The problem is that hotels are always trying to enhance the guest experience, raising expectations with each new standard feature.

Continuously reviewing and improving the guest experience is a great way to guarantee that you exceed their expectations. You may start by reading the reviews for your hotel to gather ideas, but you could find a lot of suggestions to upgrade the plumbing, redesign the bedrooms, and renovate the lobby there. Overall, there is no straightforward solution.

Here are some quick, easy, and low-cost ideas for improving hotel visitors’ experiences.

Communicate With Guests Before Their Arrival

Sending a detailed pre-arrival communication to all guests will substantially ease their arrival and check-in processes. Not all of your visitors will read the email ahead of time, but interested visitors are more likely to. Consider adopting pre-arrival communication to different visitor types or seasons of the year for a more personalized experience.

A Smile Spreads Like a Wildfire

In our field, first impressions are essential. Setting a pleasant tone for your guests’ arrival and check-in experiences will not only make them feel appreciated but also set the tone for the rest of their stay.

Take the time to look through the names and reservation information as you check the arrivals each day, and remember to greet everyone by name and with a kind smile. Include a welcome present, such as a local drink or snack, to assist guests who have traveled a long distance and may be tired and grumpy. After a series of the plane, train, and taxi rides, even a refreshing cup of water may make a big difference.

Make Contact With Local Vendors and Attractions

Collaboration with local vendors and attractions helps both sides. By providing your visitor with inside knowledge, you will boost the number of clients for their business. A budget heritage hotels in jaipur offers pink city tours that also include the major world heritage site Amber Fort.

If you guarantee to bring in a large number of guests, the restaurant or attraction with which you are collaborating may be able to give your consumers discounted pricing. Again, you may contact companies individually as usual or collaborate with upselling professionals like Oaky who can help automate the whole process.

Make It Straightforward for Visitors to Get in Touch With You

How you use this advice will depend on your customer and the size of your hotel. If your audience is older and more traditional, they may prefer to contact the front desk through the hotel’s phone system. This method also works if your hotel has bad Wi-Fi and is somewhat large—in smaller hotels, walking to reception is just quicker.

Learn About Your Neighborhood

When guests arrive at their rooms, they should find a welcome book. While this has historically contained all of the whats and how-tos of the property and services, it should also include advice on what to see in the vicinity, ideas on when to go, and information about unknown sights known only to locals.

Determine Your Visitors’ Tastes

Is there a favorite room or a gluten sensitivity among your guests? If you send an email ahead of time asking if there are any special needs or food allergies in the group, the guest will feel cared for. If you use an app, you may get these basic details from either a survey that you fill out by ticking boxes or a question-and-answer box when you confirm the reservation.

Give Specific Directions on the Basis

Consider yourself a newcomer and examine the signage around the facility, especially in the elevator. Could you please supply more information? It may be much easier to browse if there are basic symbols or letters in another language. Your guests will appreciate the fact that they can easily find their way around.

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