What Is An Indian Visa For Malaysians? And How To Apply




When traveling to India, it is essential to know the visa requirements for Malaysians. This article will provide an overview of what an Indian visa is and how to apply. Malaysians are invited to study in India but may not work or live there. Indian visas are issued to foreigners who have a bona fide intention of learning in India for 4-6 months and are not employed or residing in India.

To apply for an Indian visa, you must provide proof of your Indian citizenship, a passport-style photo, and two letters from your parents verifying your intent to study in India for at least four months. The visa allows you to stay in India for up to 3 months, and visits are limited to 8 days within a calendar month.




The INDIAN VISA FOR MALAYSIAN CITIZENS is a valid and easily obtainable visa that allows holders to travel to Indonesia for tourism, business, or family visits. The visa is issued on a tourist-like basis and does not require an individual to reside in Indonesia for eight months before the visa can be issued. The visa can be obtained from any significant Indonesian embassy or consulate-general in Malaysia.

This is in response to the increasing number of Indian citizens living in Malaysia, many of whom are working there. With a population of fewer than 10 million people, India has the potential to swell its ranks of expatriate residents by millions. It has a population of over 370 million people and an economy that is the sixth-largest in the world. 




Norwegian citizens can apply for a visa on arrival in India. The application process is simple and takes about 2 hours. After completing the online application, you will need to provide a copy of your passport and other documentation, such as your vehicle registration. You will also be required to provide an onward ticket to your destination. This is a great way to visit India and take in its culture while still being able to stay within the country. 


The visa is valid for transit through India and can be obtained at the Indian consulate or embassy INDIAN VISA FOR NORWEGIAN CITIZENS can apply for a visa on arrival in India. The visa allows you to stay for up to three months and can be used as a form of travel or residence. You can also use the visa to visit friends and family in India. This is an excellent opportunity to visit India and see the country’s beautiful scenery. The visa costs $60 and takes around 3-4 weeks to receive.


The visa is valid for 30 days and can be issued for multiple visits. You must have your passport and visa application letter when you arrive in India. This is in line with the embassy’s policy of increasing visa availability for Norwegian citizens to promote bilateral cooperation. The embassy has been able to issue visas at a rate of about one per week, most recently on October 2. To apply, please fill out the visa application form online or at an Indian embassy or consulate.




An Indian visa is not necessary for Malaysians to travel to India, but it may be helpful in an emergency. To apply for an Indian visa, please visit the Indian embassy or consulate in your city or country.


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