What To Look for When Choosing an Electric Scooter?

What To Look for When Choosing an Electric Scooter?

The popularity of electric scooters is growing every day. Fast and practical, easy to manage and operate, for any age and budget. We tell you how to choose the best option.

Here is what you should look for while choosing your electric scooter:


One of the determining factors when choosing this vehicle is precisely the characteristics of the engine, on which the speed and load capacity depends. For basic movements around the city, a speed of 25-30 km / h and a power of 250 watts will be enough. However, there are scooters that accelerate to 40-50 km / h, with an electric motor and 1000 watts, which can be attributed to full-fledged road users.

The accuracy of the data declared by the manufacturer will depend on who is making the trip, more precisely, on their weight and driving style. The larger the person and the more aggressive the ride, the more power will be lost and the slower the speed will be compared to the declared one.


To avoid worries about the battery charge, choose lithium-polymer (Li-Pol). It is reliable, lightweight, and has an impressive capacity, up to 5000 recharges, it will last for 25 kilometers or more. Such a battery will cope with sub-zero temperatures and will last without complaints for many years, the manufacturers promise as much as 25 years. It is also possible to install an additional battery if necessary.

The weight

The weight of electric moped varies from 5 to 50 kg. The lighter the scooter, the less it will travel due to low power, and the less comfortable it will be to move around on it, since small wheels will not add weight, but they will not be able to level the imperfections of the road surface. A light scooter is made of short-lived materials and, alas, will not be able to serve you for a long time.

The optimal weight of an electric scooter is from 10 to 20 kg. It can be carried by hand, and it is convenient to continue moving if the battery fails. A man can lift 20 kg, but fragile girls may need to take a closer look at lighter models, within 13 kg. However, pay attention to the fact that the more powerful the electric scooter is, the heavier it is – the battery is the main weight.


Wheels determine the safety and comfort of using an electric scooter. Large width and diameter (minimum 8-10 inches) will provide maneuverability. The higher the ground clearance, the better – you don’t have to cling to the bottom, slow down in front of the next curb and drag the electric scooter manually. Choose models with a clearance of 15 cm or more. Depreciation can be based on spring and air suspension; the main thing is that on two wheels at once.

Cast polyurethane wheels have an almost unlimited service life but are extremely rigid. In contrast, “inflatable” or pneumatic wheels will guarantee a comfortable ride, smoothing out bumps and surface texture. But we must remember that they are afraid of punctures, and repairs will be expensive. There are also perforated wheels, they are very wear-resistant and create good grip on the road surface, but they are only suitable for the city.

Brake system

The braking system is not the last thing – at least it is responsible for your safety. Therefore, it should be conveniently located and instantly triggered.

  • Disc brakes do not damage the wheels and prevent the possibility of falls and flips when braking. The downside is their massiveness and complexity of adjustment.
  • Rim, “pincer” or manual type of brakes are also very convenient. The wheel simply clamps when pressed and the movement stops.
  • However, the best one is regenerative, that is, one that also saves energy. It creates smooth, comfortable, safe braking. But there is a minus, and it is the price.
  • Of the cheap options, you can pay attention to the wing or foot brake, which along the way will protect against dirt flying out from under the wheel in wet weather. Such a braking system is suitable for quiet city trips.


So, once you have evaluated your electric scooter based on the features you require, you must make a wise calculated decision for purchase.


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