Why Should You Choose Artificial Rattan Chairs?

Why Should You Choose Artificial Rattan Chairs?

Chairs made of artificial rattan can become a stylish and practical decoration of a country house, garden plot, or city apartment. Being an analog of natural raw materials, artificial rattan outperformed it in many respects. This is an inexpensive, strong, lightweight, and durable material that is not afraid to leave in the sun or rain.

It is not surprising that artificial rattan furniture has won people’s love, and its range in stores is constantly expanding. Before buying, it will not be superfluous to familiarize yourself with some of the nuances of choice so that the purchased product will please you for many years.

What Is Artificial Rattan?

Artificial rattan sometimes referred to as techno rattan, poly rattan, and synthetic rattan is a polymer material based on nylon and cellulose. Artificial rattan fibers are made as follows:

  • Nylon and cellulose are added to the synthetic thread. Sometimes rubber is added to give more flexibility.
  • To fix the structure and give the fibers the necessary shape, the material is passed through a special apparatus – an extruder. Due to this, the threads are obtained in various thicknesses.
  • The resulting fibers are fixed with special substances.

The exact composition of artificial rattan is a trade secret. Outwardly, the material is a little different from natural rattan because straws of any shade can be formed from the polymer mass and accurately imitate the structure of the natural fiber. Synthetic rattan has several advantages over natural and is much cheaper. Natural rattan is obtained from palm trees, which grow mainly in Indonesia, and its artificial counterpart is produced all over the world, which explains its high availability and popularity.

Artificial strips can be of any length, unlike natural fibers. This allows us to produce armchairs and other pieces of furniture of any complexity, size, and configuration, to translate into reality the most daring design ideas. The frame can be made of metal or molded plastic.

Advantages Of Artificial Rattan Chairs

Armchairs made of artificial rattan will become not only beautiful but also practical decorations. The use of synthetic fiber has led to numerous advantages:

  • Versatility: Wicker chairs made of artificial rattan are perfect for apartments and houses, as well as for open verandas and terraces.
  • Resistance to temperature extremes, direct sunlight, and precipitation: Artificial rattan furniture can be watered with a garden hose, and if it is left in the rain outside, you should not worry – nothing will happen to it. For complacency, you can put a canopy over such furniture, which will allow you to relax in an armchair even on the hottest days, without fear of the scorching sun.
  • High strength and elasticity, therefore, under the influence of large masses, the surface is not deformed. Even the most fragile-looking chair can easily withstand up to 150 kg, so it will cope with its direct function perfectly.
  • Lightness of products: The wicker chair is made of artificial rattan are quite simply rearranged from one place to another.
  • Artificial rattan does not rot, swell, or dry out, unlike its natural counterpart.
  • Long service life: According to the manufacturers, even after decades, the furniture will remain as beautiful, comfortable, and durable;
  • Lack of burrs, which inevitably appear over time on natural rattan.
  • Variety: Color, shape, and size can be practically anything, and a wide range of wicker chairs
  • Reasonable price.
  • Easy care: Rattan does not attract dust, and simple water, a brush, and a dry, absorbent cloth will do for cleaning. If serious contamination needs to be cleaned, cleaning agents are used. They will not damage the surface of the chair.


There are practically no drawbacks to wicker chairs made of this material. Because it is quite a durable one and has a lot to offer than regular chairs. So, make a wise decision.

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