Challenges For Women In Business

Women in Business Awards

Women in Business Awards – In this article, the challenges faced by women in their respective fields will be discussed. The issues and challenges women have faced in spite of their professional attitude, abilities and capabilities to reach a desirable as well as elite position. This article deals with the challenges that many professional businesswomen working in eminent business fields have expressed and experienced while they have paved their way towards a successful position.

Women in Business Awards

The Challenges Business Women Have Faced in Their Life Are illustrated in The Following Lines:

  1. Women face major setbacks in prominent fields.
  2. Gender-biased attitudes in offices and workplace.
  3. Low-paying attitude for women.

Women in Business Awards – Before starting off with the essay, we would like to illustrate here that these issues are mentioned by the ladies who have won the business women awards or at least have been nominated for these awards. Businesswomen awards are not common thing, it really needs a thorough effort and professional services for a longer period of time which can lead a women’s path towards a successful nomination for businesswomen’s awards.

After nomination, the checking and verification procedure is also a lengthy one which requires time and professional efforts of business women, these awards are held at national as well as international levels and require the same hard work, dedication and professionalism for winning such a great title.

Women Face Major Setbacks in Prominent Fields:

Although there is a growing trend in the market to appoint females and let them handle the professional posts there is also a tendency to let down female employees when it comes to major or prominent fields in a company. You can take its example as if a male and female employee is the candidate for a CEO’s post, the majority of votes will be in favour of the male employee.

The reason behind this attitude can be professional jealousy which does not allow men to see a woman ahead of them but the major setback also lies in the mentality of the general public which does not seem to be satisfied with the work of a female. Many people when tend to handle a professional or technical matter prioritize the male staff instead of consulting the female staff.

STEM Fields:

Women in Business Awards – If we talk about the science, technology, maths and engineering fields, women also face a major setback here. According to an estimate, only twenty-four per cent of employees comprise women while this ratio is a lot lesser in the United Kingdom. It is only fifteen percent in the United Kingdom. This behaviour of underrating women can go on until the stereotypes in society prevail as they think women are not capable of handling the tough business routines and hard work required for business and technological fields.

There is a dire need to break the stereotypes in the STEM fields as these fields are highly competitive and high paying as well. If these fields do not allow women to enter and embrace their professionalism along with creativity and innovation.

Gender-Biased Attitudes in Offices And Workplace:

Women in Business Awards – In most fields and board meetings, many executives do agree on the fact that the employees with the best professional and personal abilities should be awarded the best post. The selection of employees for a post should be regardless of gender or age. Professionalism can be present in both male and female employees and people differ in capabilities and social behaviours.

In spite of all these beautiful talks and discussions, the women perusing their career with a male or neutral gender name on their CV depicts that the harsh realities are not dashed to the ground yet. Women still face biased behaviours in the workplace as CVs with male names receive more calls for the job.

Women who have paved their way towards a successful carrier still feel that they have been under pressure for a longer time or throughout their struggle period. Men are tagged as someone ambitious or assertive creatures and always get encouragement for this kind of behaviour. When it comes to women, from a very young age women are usually nurtured not to be bossy, this underlying biased gender behaviour does not end there as it makes its way to the psychology of people. When people with this psychology offer jobs and organize interviews, they also get unconsciously affected negatively by the professionalism and hard work of females as compared to males and gender-biased behaviour paves its way there as well.

Low-Paying Attitude For Women:

Women are usually offered a lesser payment as compared to men. When a job is offered to both genders, men usually negotiate for pay scale. They usually ask for the required and desired payment. When it comes to women, they accept whatever is offered to them and are reluctant to ask or negotiate for payment. In a recent survey of a company named glass door, the negotiation on payment was done by sixty-eight percent of men. Men usually do a survey for role acceptance before negotiating/ accepting the payment. Women on the other hand are offered a way low pay scale which they also accept.

The issue does not stop here, male employees usually ask for the rise and funds. When it comes to women, they are reluctant to ask for a rise as well. The survey was carried out by the University of Wisconsin and the University of Warwick; women are less likely to ask for a pay rise from a male boss. Only twenty-five per cent of females dare to ask which usually gets denied.

There is no harm in accepting the fact that men have a better idea of self-belief and they practice the idea very often. They are programmed to boost their self-belief from a very young age. Women on the other hand do not get the chance to boost their self-confidence and self-belief. If they do so, they are regarded as someone rebels and are usually bashed for it. Some women, however, pave their way towards success without realising the socially imposed gender roles and become an example for other women of society as an epitome of success and prosperity.

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