Canva Upload Errors: Why They Happen and How to Fix Them



Canva is a designing and publishing tool available across 190 countries in 100 languages. It allows its users to create anything and publish that on any platform they want, which can help them achieve big crazy goals. From photo effects and image enhancer to video trimmers and online video recorders number of features are available on this platform. Using this fantastic facility, you can freely design posters, social media posts, logos, and animations. But, sometimes, users do face some errors in using this service that frustrates them consequently.

In this blog post, we will look into the reasons behind these issues and how to fix such errors. Now, let’s discuss a few of these scenarios below.

Canva Errors: Reasons and Solutions

Canva is based on Software as a Service (SaaS), which requires a strong internet connection. But, sometimes, the bugs occur even with the availability of strong Internet speed. When this facility shows an upload error, it tells you the reason behind that. Try to read that carefully; you might find a way to solve the problem. The reason could be problematic image size and format, or it could happen due to some technical issues in Canva itself. This practice isn’t able to exactly pinpoint the specific error; rather, it will guide you about the general category, whether its image related or website related. Let’s discuss major canva errors below.

Problem with The File Format

Such an error can occur if there is a problem in your file format. For example, if you upload an image other than JPEG, PNG, HEIC/HEIF, or Web Images, it won’t accept your given input. Therefore, in case of an upload error, do check the image format and make sure that the format must be any of the above-mentioned formats. You can take help from an online image format converter to sort your issue.

Similarly, when you upload an audio file, convert that into MP3, M4A, WAV, OGG, or WEBM file format. In case of a video file, do upload your file in MOV, GIF, MP4, MPEG, MKV, or WEBM file format. This utility does not support Apple Intermediate, HDV 720p60, GO2Meeting3, GO2Meeting4 format, and videos with transparent backgrounds. In these cases, you can perform the required changes with the help of some online audio and video converters.

Size of The File

Another issue that may cause an upload error is the oversizing of the file. There is a limit to the file sizes in Canva. Your image size should be under 25MB, audio size less than 250MB, and video size under 1GB if you want to upload and use these files. When the upload error occurs, double-check your image size too. If it is higher than the supported limit, make your image smaller.

You can resize your image by minimizing the image dimensions as small as possible. But, this could result in the image distortion due to a breakdown in the pixel quality. Therefore, to avoid any such inconvenience, we suggest you compress image to 20kb with an online image compressor. It won’t damage the quality of your image so that you can use that for your design easily. You can apply the same procedure for audio and video files using online tools to shrink their sizes.

Now, we will shed some light on website-related upload errors. These could be any of the following.

Technical Issue in The Canva Server

An upload error can also occur due to some technical glitch in the Canva server. Therefore, you can have a glance to check this aspect because sometimes it gets down. Several platforms can help you in finding the status of working on Canva.

Overloading Your Canva Service

Canva can crash if your system is overburdened. For example, as a free user, you can upload data up to 5GB on Canva. If your media size exceeds the limit, the site can crash, or it may stop accepting further files, resulting in an upload error. In that scenario, do delete some already existing files from your media to make some space to add new files.

Issues with the Web Browser

Sometimes, you need to update your web browser to run different sites on it. However, you don’t do that either due to a busy routine or carelessness. This might result in the stoppage of the running of online platforms like Canva. That’s why make sure to update your browser when needed.


Canva upload errors are disturbing and may frustrate you if you can’t complete your tasks on time due to such problems. We really hope that this article has given you enough information about the reasons behind Canva upload errors and the ways to fix them.

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