Top 10 Best Keyword Research Tools to Find the Right Keywords

Top 10 Best Keyword Research Tools to Find the Right Keywords

Do you need help locating the most effective keyword research tools for search engine optimization?


You need to do keyword research if you want more people to visit your website. To boost your website’s organic search traffic, it provides guidance on crafting the best possible content.


The problem is that if you’re just starting out in SEO, choosing the correct keyword research tool can be difficult.


Here, you’ll learn about the top keyword research tools in the business, used by professionals to increase website traffic.


What is a keyword tool?


You can get ideas for articles to write by using a keyword research tool to see what people are looking for on search engines like Google, Bing, Amazon, and others.


With this, you may learn what kinds of articles your target audience is interested in reading. After that, you may design a content strategy to include those themes in your blog articles and website copy.


When using a keyword research tool, you may see the seed keywords that your competitors are ranking for as well as the long-tail keywords that they aren’t. As a result, you can enhance your own content so that it better attracts users searching for those terms.


Therefore, let’s check out the top SEO keyword research tools available.


Keyword Research Tool by Moz


“Moz is SEO’s mac daddy.” 


Good for Beginner to intermediate SEOs and PPCers who don’t need the bells and whistles.
Unique features Organic CTR and Priority Score.
Price Free for 10 searches/mo, paid starts at $99/mo.


For search engine optimization, Moz is indispensable. It is the first website to introduce the concept of Domain Authority and Whiteboard Fridays, and it offers a free Chrome plugin that displays the Page Authority and Domain Authority of any website.


The Moz Keyword Explorer is a useful tool that provides you with information on your target keywords, rank tracking, site audits, and page optimization reports. Depending on the data for a keyword and your “My Number”—a score you assign based on how important the phrase is to your business—it gives you a Priority Score to assist you to decide whether or not to pursue that keyword.




“When it comes to content research, Ahrefs is like a bloodhound.”

Good for Advanced SEO, link building, and click data.
Unique features Unmatched backlink index, unique click metrics, and Return Rate.
Price No free version, seven-dollar seven-day trial, paid starts at $99/mo.


Since Ahrefs’s inception, it has been used to analyze backlinks; as the tool with the largest backlink index in the world, it stands to reason that it is also the best link-building tool available. Access information about a certain link, such as its creation date, link type (do-follow or no-follow), anchor text, and more. Find link opportunities and backlink prospects; examine the ranking history of a site for any keyword; automate internal linking; analyze and monitor external links; determine which links are most responsible for a site’s traffic;


Unique click metrics are one of its defining characteristics. You may see the Return Rate (RR) for a term over 30 days, the average number of clicks per search, the percentage of individuals who click on paid versus organic results, and the total number of times people search for that phrase.




“Semrush is a beacon in the sea of websites.” 

Good for Advanced SEO and PPC for experts, agencies, and large businesses.
Unique feature Content marketing toolkit, social media marketing, shows intent of keywords.
Price Free version is pretty useful, paid starts at $119.95/mo with a seven-day free trial.


Though ahrefs is making strides to catch up, Semrush is still considered by many to be the best premium keyword research tool available. In addition to keyword research, it also provides over 40 other tools and reports to aid in content promotion, social media administration, local search engine optimization, listing administration, market research, public relations, and more.




“If you want simplified SEO with a helping hand.”

Good for Intermediate SEO and content marketers.
Unique feature SEO difficulty score, social shares, content ideas.
Price Free version is very limited, paid starts at $29/month with a free seven-day trial available.


Ubersuggest is a keyword suggestion tool that works similarly to the aforementioned content ideation tools in that it lets you narrow down your results by using comparison, question, and preposition filters. The essential keyword, SERP, and site analysis data, in addition to project creation, are all provided, just like in the paid tools.




“Serpstat straddles the line between expensive and cheap keyword research tools.”

Good for Intermediate SEO, PPC, and competitive analysis.
Unique feature Shows a competitor’s graph as well as ad examples for a keyword.
Price Free for 10 requests per day, payment starts at $55.


Competitive analysis is the primary function of this instrument. You may see how your site stacks up against the competition and get a list of the top sites for any given term. Find out how many keywords your competitors are using in their organic content and paid advertisements, how many keywords they share with your site, and view examples of ads for that term.


Mangools KWFinder


“Suggestions for getting suggestions”

Good for Intermediate SEO for small teams on a budget.
Unique feature Doesn’t just append or prepend to provide keyword suggestions.
Price Free at five searches/day, pay starts at $29/month with a free 10-day trial.


The fantastic website content aside, KWFinder has everything you need in a keyword/SEO platform: suggestions, long-tail variations, volume, CPC, competition, SERP analysis, and site analysis, all in an intuitive layout. Both keyword and domain searches, in addition to geolocation, are supported.




“AI is no longer reserved for large corporations and specialized researchers.”

Good for Business owners and beginners in content marketing—with tech savvy.
Unique feature Uses AI to generate SEO content outlines.
Price Starts at $29/month with the five-day free trial and seven-day money-back guarantee.


Growthbar offers the normal features you’d expect from an SEO tool, such as keyword ideas with monthly search volume, CPC, difficulty scores, rank tracking, and site analytics that include data on domain authority, keywords, backlinks, and even Facebook and Google Ads. A free Chrome add-on is available to platform users, which offers this information in real time as they conduct web searches.


“Google autocomplete is a glimpse into the heart of our civilization.”

Good for Finding long-tail keywords for SEO and PPC.
Unique feature Suggestions for eight different platforms.
Price Free with no numerical data, paid starts at $69/month with a 30-day money-back guarantee.


Google’s autocompleting feature is leveraged by Keyword Tool to provide additional keyword ideas for each given search query. Whereas Google’s autocomplete only offers a few options, this tool displays the hundreds that are actually accessible. It will recommend words and prepositions to add before and after the search query, and it works with Google, YouTube, Bing, Amazon, eBay, the Play Store, Instagram (yes, Instagram has SEO), and Twitter.


Google Trends


Useful for pondering the age-old question, “is it a thing?”

Good for Identifying the evergreen value of a keyword.
Unique feature Real-time data and search history all the way back to 2004.
Price Free


Recent and trending keywords that haven’t been around long enough to register volume in keyword research tools can be found with the help of Google Trends. It’s also helpful for verifying if a keyword with high search volume in a keyword tool is actually worthwhile to pursue.


Google Search Console


“For being able to read the minds of your readers.”

Good for Optimizing existing SEO content and finding spinoff content ideas.
Unique feature The most accurate and real-time reporting on organic.
Price Free for anyone with a website.


One of the many SEO applications of Google Search Console is conducting keyword research. In the left-hand pane, click “Search results” to view the most popular queries that bring users to your site, along with data on how often they’re clicking through, how often they’re seeing your site, and where they’re seeing it.


The success of your keyword targeting can initially be viewed by filtering by URL. After that, you can use a keyword research tool to see if the remaining questions are worthwhile to include in your content.


Where Can I Find The Most Effective Keyword Tool?


We put every major keyword research tool to the test and have concluded that SEMRush is the greatest keyword research tool and the number one SEO toolkit available.


If you need a free keyword research tool, I recommend either AnswerthePublic or Google Trends.


Setting up Google Analytics and linking Google Search Console to your website is essential for any keyword research strategy, whether you run a blog or an online store.


Using these instruments, you may examine the typical CTR (click-through-rate) for a certain listing and evaluate your website’s performance for particular keywords. It’s possible to improve click-through-rate and keyword ranks by changing the title.


We’ll show you how people search for the best keyword research tools.

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