Top 10 Ways To Monetize Your Youtube Channel

Monetize Your Youtube Channel

Since video content has become more popular than ever, it’s impossible to ignore that Individuals viewed more than 12 billion minutes of online video in 2021 and want more.

Now is a perfect time for organizations and individuals to focus on video content creation. You can use YouTube’s monetization tools to make money off of your videos. How to Monetize Your Youtube, its laws and restrictions, and how to make money from YouTube videos are all covered in this article.

What Is Youtube Monetization System, And How Does It Work?

This potential to make money from your videos is called monetization on YouTube. With the YouTube Partner Program, you’ll be able to make money from your videos (YPP).

To be eligible for monetization on YouTube, you must meet the following criteria:

  •         More than 4,000 hours of viewing time in the past year.
  •         You should have a following of at least a thousand people on youtube.
  •         Quality content and promotion of your channel can help you increase these statistics.

In addition, there are a few things you’ll need to do before you can start earning money from your YouTube channel. Next, we’ll have a look at them.

Guidelines for YouTube monetization

It’s as wonderful as it sounds to monetize your YouTube channel, but a few strings are connected. The benefits of monetizing your YouTube channel far outweigh the challenges.

Once you’ve signed up for the YouTube Partner Program (YPP), your success is solely dependent on the success of your videos. You can earn more money by increasing the number of people who see your work.

In order to start making money from your YouTube videos, you must meet the following conditions:

Participate as a YouTube partner today!

In order to get started, you must first apply to be a YouTube Partner (YPP). YouTube reviews applications for a minimum of a month before making a judgment. In part, this is due to the fact that each application is subjected to expert assessment by YouTube, which might extend the processing period beyond a month.

In order to join the YPP, you must meet the following criteria:

  •         You must have at least 1,000 followers on your channel.
  •         Over the past 12 months, you have at least 4,000 legitimate public watch hours.
  •         YouTube Partner Program is accessible in your country.
  •         Your YouTube channel is linked to an AdSense account.
  •         There are no Community Guidelines strikes against your channel.
  •         You abide by all YouTube channel monetization rules and regulations.
  •         For additional security, ensure your YouTube channel Google Account is set up with 2-Step Verification.

Avoid Youtube Copyright And Monetization Blunders

YouTube’s copyright and monetization policies must be followed at all times. This means that you should only post videos that you have either created yourself or have the right to use. Copyright protects not only musical pieces or audio tracks but also other protected works and videos produced by third parties.

Any of the following punishments may be applied if you are found in violation of any of these policies:

  •         Video ad removal is now possible.
  •         The YouTube Partner Program has terminated our participation.
  •         Suspension or cancellation of your account

According to YouTube, if you break any of their policies, they’ll send you an email notifying you of the violation. They’ll also let you know whether you have any other choices.

When The Youtube Partner Program Rejects Your Video

If your YouTube channel application is refused, the site explains why. Don’t worry if that’s the case. After 30 days, you can re-apply for a new account. Before reapplying, make use of this opportunity to fine-tune your channel.

For example, if you have any video titles, descriptions, or thumbnails that don’t comply with YouTube’s guidelines, you may want to reevaluate them. In addition, you may wish to delete or alter any videos that are causing problems.

How to Make Money on YouTube: The Top 10 Ways

We’ve covered the basics even if you haven’t yet started Monetize Your Youtube. The fun part is about to begin: learning about all of the numerous ways you can profit from your YouTube videos.

You may be interested in learning how much money YouTubers make. Only a select few top-earning video producers on YouTube can claim to have made millions of dollars from the sales of their content. The average YouTube channel makes $18 for every 1,000 views it receives on the platform.

The way content creators make money online and on the platform has been fundamentally altered by YouTube.

Listed here are the top ten ways to make money on YouTube:

1.      YouTube Ads

Ads that display before or during your videos are the most “conventional” method of making money on YouTube.

In order to monetize your youtube, you must be a member of the YPP in order to do so. Ads will only be shown if your films match YouTube’s advertiser-friendly rules.

You have complete control over where adverts appear on your videos, thanks to the variety of YouTube ad options.

2.      Paid Sponsorships

When a company or brand pays or sponsors a content producer to use, pay for, or demonstrate their product in a video, that is referred to as a paid sponsorship. It is a win-win situation for everyone involved when brands finance content creators.

However, sponsoring an event can be a great way to raise money for your cause. You can work with relevant businesses in your niche if you have an important channel with a huge following.

To get a sponsorship, demonstrate your previous work, YouTube analytics, and engagement rates to potential sponsors. You need to explain to them how your material can benefit their company.

3.      Affiliates

Affiliate programs are another method to make money from your YouTube videos.

So, how exactly does it all work here? In affiliate marketing, you use an affiliate link to drive traffic to a brand’s product or landing page. You’ll get a cut of the sale if the customer is successful in their purchase.

An affiliate program can still bring in extra money, even if it isn’t as lucrative as paid sponsorships. If you already use the product, you can sign up as an affiliate and provide a discount coupon to your followers.

4.      Become a Member of the Channel

Become a member of a YouTube channel for a monthly fee, and you’ll get access to a variety of benefits. Members of a creator’s channel might receive benefits like product discounts, 1:1 live chats, and access to exclusive content.

In order to use this function, a channel must have at least 1,000 subscribers.

5.      Patronage

A third-party network like Patreon allows digital creators, artists, writers, and entrepreneurs to offer patrons access to special privileges.

Patreon, like a subscription to a YouTube channel, is popular among YouTube creators and marketers. Tiered membership allows you to give patrons different perks, depending on your subscriber quantity. Provide special content like behind-the-scenes footage or benefits such as early access and one-on-one time for your customers to enjoy.

6.      Merchandise

Each video page on YouTube channels with more than 10,000 followers features a merch shelf where users can purchase products they see in the videos. Selling branded products to your YouTube viewers is an option if you’ve established a strong brand following.

This is especially helpful for YouTubers who don’t have their own website but want to offer their fans products. Your brand can flourish with 45 supported merch platforms or retailers throughout the world.

7.      Super chat, stickers, thanks

There are some chat comments that stick out and are highlighted over others when watching a Livestream on YouTube.

Because YouTube creators can enable Super Chat in real-time, your viewers can pay between $1 and $500 for their remark to be included in a livestream chat, thanks to this monetization option. Similar to how Super Chat functions, Super Stickers do the same.

In place of purchasing and sending texts, users can purchase and share a variety of stickers. In order to get their favorite creator’s attention, these stickers are pinned to their conversation stream.

Lastly, the “Super Thanks” function lets users demonstrate gratitude to their favorite creators. Donors receive a prominent comment in the Livestream chat as well as an animated GIF for their contributions.

Users can purchase Super Thanks on any posted video, not just live streams and Premieres, unlike Super Chats and Super Stickers.

Video makers and brands who provide instructive and useful content can benefit from these features. These Super features not only bring in some extra cash but also provide your most loyal followers a way to express their appreciation for the work you’ve done for them.

8.      The YouTube Shorts Fund

An exclusive $100 million fund for short-form video makers will be introduced on the YouTube platform in May 2021. YouTube Shorts creators will receive a portion of this money each month from 2021 through 2022.

YouTubers can make anything from $100 to $10,000 a month from their Shorts videos, depending on the number of views and engagement they receive. It’s possible that you’ll be eligible again the following month even if you didn’t qualify for the previous one; eligibility is reset each month.

This is a major advantage for creators who don’t match the YPP’s conditions because they can still get a YouTube Shorts Fund. However, to receive a YouTube Shorts Bonus, creators must meet specific eligibility restrictions.

9.      Premium YouTube

Subscribing to YouTube Premium entails paying a monthly or annual fee. Ad-free content, download videos, and background playback are just some of the features available to members.

In terms of monetization, how does this impact this? If YouTube Premium subscribers watch a Monetize Your Youtube video with adverts, would the creators still get compensated? Thank goodness, sure.

Subscriber payments are paid out at the beginning of each month, like ad revenues are paid out each month. This is obviously dependent on how many Premium members view your movies.

10.  Connecting brands to YouTube using BrandConnect

YouTube Using BrandConnect, companies can work with YouTubers to create custom videos. Audiences have faith in the recommendations made by creators. It is also possible to connect YouTube channels with brands through BrandConnect.

Only the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom presently have access to this service.

Monetize Your Youtube Videos To Get Money

You can use films for more than just brand exposure. Also, Monetize Your Youtube videos is a great method to make money on YouTube.

The time has come to take your YouTube channel to new heights. Branding your YouTube account is the first step toward making money on the platform. Promote your YouTube channel and increase the number of views on your videos. Remember that the more views and followers you have, the better your chances of making money on YouTube. Cha-ching!


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