Tricks & Tips for Making Offers Your Clients Cannot Refuse

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Making offers to your clients can be tricky business. It is important to ensure that your offers are enticing to customers while remaining profitable to your business. Understanding the psychology behind making strong offers and how to craft an offer that your clients will find irresistible is imperative.


1. The Power of a Good First Impression

When meeting with a potential client for the first time, making a good first impression is important. This means dressing professionally, being well-spoken, and being knowledgeable about your product or service. Making a good first impression will help build trust and rapport with the client, making it more likely that they will do business with you.


2. The Importance of Body Language

Body language is an important part of communication and can be very helpful in sales. For example, maintaining eye contact, smiling, and leaning in when speaking to a client can show that you are interested in what they say and invested in the conversation. Additionally, mirroring the client’s body language can create a sense of rapport and make them feel more comfortable with you.


3. Be Confident

When making an offer to a client, you must be confident in your abilities. This means having faith. When making an offer to a client, confidence is key. Building confidence and professionally conveying your expertise can help make your offer so compelling that the client cannot refuse. Knowing the value of your product or service, backing up your offer with facts and data, and providing a few bonus benefits that tip the scales in your favor are all ways to get closer to making persuasive offers. Planing before time is essential; practice delivering and revising your offer will help you deliver it in a way that exudes confidence and gives the client no reason to turn it down.


4. Be Passionate

When negotiating with a client, it is important to bring passion to the conversation. Showing enthusiasm and interest in what you are offering will convey a sense of genuine care and commitment that can be hard to resist. Be sure to communicate your excitement in related topics that could add credibility and value to your offers, like additional services or discounts. This will create a strong emotional connection between you and your clients and illustrate your competence in the field. Finally, by leveraging data and metrics wherever possible, you can provide further reassurance that the offer on the table is worth considering. Ultimately, being passionate in negotiations with clients can show them the value of working with you, leading to better results for both parties.


5. Use Positive Language

When offering clients, positive language should be used to ensure your propositions receive the attention they deserve. Using terms such as ‘improvement’ and ‘excellent features’ are powerful ways to convince potential customers of the value of purchasing. Avoid phrases like ‘Cheap’ or ‘Discounted.’ Instead, use appealing words such as low-priced options, value-added, and rewards that incentivize buyers. The goal is always to make sure your services sound attractive without compromising the integrity of your company’s reputation. Positive language enhances client relationships and establishes a winning situation for yourself and the customer.


6. Know Your Client’s Needs

Offering unique and relevant solutions to your client’s needs is a great way to make offers they can’t refuse. In order to fully understand your client’s needs, you must first be familiar with their budget, goals, purchasing patterns, and expectations for your services or products. This will typically require an open and honest discussion with your client as well as some research on your end. Once you understand your client’s needs, the next step is determining the best way for your company to meet those needs.


It is crucial to make offers that are not only attractive to your client but also attractive to your business. Making an offer that is too high can push your client to look elsewhere, but at the same time, making an offer too low can result in smaller profit margins or full-on losses for your business. Many businesses are beginning to rely on CPQ software to aid in this process. What is cpq? CPQ software (configure, price, and quote), uses real-time market data to help businesses quote with the absolute best pricing possible. It takes into consideration costs, competition, and other economic factors that may be difficult to contemplate otherwise.



Making offers, your clients cannot refuse is not about being manipulative. It’s about understanding what they want and giving it to them in a way that meets their needs while also benefiting you. When you make an offer, be sure to keep these tips in mind so that you can create a win-win situation for both parties involved.


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