9 Amazon Seller Secrets to Boost Your Business Sales

Amazon seller secrets

In the United States, more than 4000 products are sold by small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) on Amazon per minute. However, if you take the appropriate steps, this platform is an excellent place to offer your items and grow sales. If your sales and return on investment (ROI) aren’t where you’d like them to be, we’re here to assist you with Amazon seller secrets.


Learn nine Amazon seller ideas to increase your sales volume and help your business grow! Check out our Amazon marketing resources and Amazon seller secrets if you need more help selling your Amazon products!


1.      Find product keywords


Finding key phrases, an essential part of Amazon’s search engine optimization (SEO), comes first on our Amazon seller tips and tactics list. In order to identify relevant product listings, searchers employ keywords. In order to appear in relevant searches, you must optimize your product listings for relevant terms.


So, how do you go about finding keywords that are related to your product? Use an Amazon-specific keyword tool like Sonar or Keyword Tool to find suitable key terms. To identify appropriate terms for your listing, you’ll use the main keyword for your product and run a search in these tools. You can find the keywords using different tools like this: 

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  • amazon seller central
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2.      Utilize backend keywords


Selling on Amazon requires the use of backend keywords, and this is one of the most important strategies to employ. As the name suggests, backend keywords show at the bottom of your ad. Even though no one will ever see these terms, your page will still be shown in search results.


Backend keywords are useful since they assist your site to appear in more relevant searches than your primary keyword. Following these steps will allow you to add backend keywords to your listing:


  •         Access the Seller Center by entering your username and password.
  •         Go to the inventory page.
  •         Look for the “Offer” button on your browser.
  •         Select a keyword from the drop-down menu.
  •         Go to the section with the hidden keywords.


Backend keywords are limited to a maximum of 250 bytes rather than characters. A-Z and 0-9 each account for one byte, as do all the other symbols and letters. So, bear this in mind while entering your keyword phrases.


In order to increase your visibility in Amazon product search results, you can utilize a keyword tool like Amazon’s.


3.      Optimize the titles of your products


Product title pages are next on our list of Amazon selling tips. When people search for your product, one of the first things they encounter is the title page. For the sake of your customers, it is important to have a clear and concise product name. Include the following information:


  •         Brand name
  •         Color/flavor/variant
  •         Size/Quantity
  •         Keywords


If you don’t include it, they won’t know if your product is a good fit for their wants and needs. When crafting your product names, keep the following guidelines in mind:


  •         Don’t use terms like “hot selling,” “excellent item,” or “top product” in your headline.
  •         Every word, excluding articles and words like “and” should be capitalized.
  •         As an alternative to writing out the numbers, use numerals (3 instead of three).
  •         Use measure terms instead of abbreviations.
  •         The headline of your post should not be capitalized.


Be sure to follow Amazon’s guidelines when crafting your title. Unless your products are listed on the platform, customers will not find them. To ensure that your product title is error-free, follow these guidelines:


[Brand] [Feature] [Material] [Key Component] Products of this type [Make and Model Name] [Size/Package/Count] [Color] [Flavor]


4.      Product descriptions should be optimized


Product descriptions are the next item on our list of Amazon selling tips. You must include product descriptions to assist you to sell your products. By providing additional information about your goods, you can influence your audience to make a purchase.


There are two distinct sections for describing the manufacturing process. The first is a bulleted list at the top of the page.


Your Amazon storefront can be expanded farther down the page with more detailed descriptions of the product and your store.


Selling things online necessitates a detailed description of the item. You need to give your audience as many details as possible because they can’t view the product in person. Product descriptions should focus on how your product will benefit the audience you are writing for.


According to Douglas J, “Focus on your product’s benefits to the customer and how it will make their lives more efficient. Materials, features and more can all be discussed. You’ll also do better in search results if your product description includes your keywords and is well-written.”


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To appear in the appropriate product search results, keep your focus on your primary keyword and one or two supplementary keywords.


5.      Compare the prices of similar products and services


Check out your competitors’ prices to learn how to sell more on Amazon. Maintain up with the competition and keep making sales by lowering the price of your products. There’s no need to keep tabs on the competition’s pricing if you’re selling something unique.


You’ll need to look at what other companies charge for similar products to set your prices.

Setting your prices correctly can be made easier with Amazon’s low-price function.


6.      Use high-resolution, professional pictures


For Amazon sellers, the next piece of advice we’d like to share is related to photos. Your Amazon listing wouldn’t be complete without photos. Customers who can’t physically view your product must rely on descriptions and visuals to make decisions.


Help your products sell with high-quality photos. You want your viewers to get a complete picture of your goods by photographing it from all angles. Use only crystal-clear, high-resolution photos.


High-resolution photos are essential to establishing trust with your audience. Don’t utilize blurry or stretched photographs, as this will make your goods appear untrustworthy to your customers.


7.      Utilize customer testimonials as a tool for marketing


Take advantage of product reviews if you want to sell more on Amazon. This is essential advice for Amazon sellers, as customer reviews heavily influence their purchasing decisions. Recommendations are trusted by 92% of consumers.


Encourage customers to leave reviews of your products after they purchase them. You might send them a personal follow-up email to encourage them to provide you feedback. You’ll want to keep tabs on your reviews and encourage them.


Your product will not be a hit with everyone. You’ll want to keep an eye on customer feedback and address any issues they may have. If you have a lot of bad reviews, potential customers may think twice about purchasing your goods.


Your audience may feel forced to evaluate your product listing more positively if you provide excellent customer service.


8.      Keep track of your stock


Keeping track of your inventory is important to becoming a successful Amazon seller. A proactive approach to managing your product inventory is essential when selling on Amazon. This is especially true if you sell things on your website. The last thing you need is to sell a product and then not have it available for purchase.


It’s also possible to lose your Amazon account if you list things that aren’t available. In order to know exactly how many units you have of a certain product, keep an inventory count in a spreadsheet. Setting aside a certain number of products to be sold on Amazon and adding more as you sell out may be a good option.


9.      Win the purchase box


Last but not least, if you’re an Amazon seller, you should aim to get your product inside the buy box. The buy box appears on the right side of your page and allows customers to add your products directly to their shopping basket and place an order right away.


To my dismay, there is no easy method to get your hands on this box.


Because Amazon’s algorithm is a closely guarded secret, there’s no way to know if your product will appear in the buy box. It is possible, though, if you follow best practices. As a starting point, here are a few tips:


  •         Always keep an eye on your goods.
  •         Provide a wide range of prices.
  •         Collect good feedback from your clients.
  •         Keep your seller rating at a high level.


You’ll have a better chance of winning the purchase box if you follow these guidelines.


Amazon Sellers Can Use These Tips To Their Advantage


Amazon seller advice is at your fingertips, so use it wisely so that your business reaps the benefits. Goknowl is here to help if you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the things you have to do. A marketing team of more than 450 people is here to help Amazon sellers sell more products on Amazon.


Your business can benefit from a wide range of Amazon-related services from us:


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If a tool is critical to one Amazon-based business, it may not be that important to another. To ensure you have all you need, you must concentrate on all nine topics covered in this article. Fortunately, we’ve got everything you need right here in our product line.

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