Astronaut Coloring Pages & Scientist Coloring Pages: How to Make Your Childhood Dream Come True

printable scientist coloring pages

Astronaut and scientist ever your dream? Does your child dream of flying into space or discovering new horizons in science? Learn about these two industries with us through Astronaut Coloring Pages & Scientist Coloring Pages!

Astronaut & Astronaut Coloring Pages

What do space travelers do?

Different tasks are carried out by astronauts during space missions. The most crucial choices for a space mission are ultimately made by the commander. Working closely with the commander is the pilot. As mission specialists, other astronauts employ their specialized expertise or abilities to complete a mission.

Additionally, astronauts carry out a variety of routine duties to maintain space stations. The crew maintains, checks, and fixes faulty equipment. Additionally, they exercise for two hours each day to keep up with the physical demands of their jobs.

How to become an astronaut

There isn’t a college major called “astronaut.” People who have spent their whole lives exploring space may not always be among the candidates NASA selects to become astronauts. Instead, they are highly qualified math and scientific professionals who satisfy all NASA requirements.

printable astronaut coloring pages

Astronaut Coloring Pages for Kids

A master’s degree and at least two years of relevant professional experience are requirements for future astronauts. They can also log at least 1,000 hours of jet flight as an alternative.

Aspiring astronauts need to have a master’s degree and at least two years of related professional experience in addition to completing all physical standards.

The challenging phase is next. The NASA Long-Term Flight Astronaut Physical Test is required for astronauts. You’re out of luck if you’re under 5 feet 2 inches or over 6 feet 3 inches. Candidates may use corrective lenses but must have 20/20 vision. When seated, their blood pressure shouldn’t rise over 140/90.

Astronaut Anne McClain gives some surprisingly unassuming tips for job applications: Prepare a resume. Make sure it is accurate and succinct. Because paying attention to little details is a crucial talent for scientists, NASA wants to make sure that its astronauts possess it.

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How much learning do you need to become an astronaut?

Every four years, NASA chooses new astronauts, and there are a lot of applications. 6,000 applicants sought to be astronauts in 2013, but only eight were selected by NASA. And just 12 of the staggering 18,300 applicants for the 2017 class were admitted, representing an acceptance rate of less than 1%.

In a relevant STEM subject, such as engineering, biology, physical science, computer science, or math, candidates must hold both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree. Additionally, NASA takes into consideration those who have successfully finished an experimental study program, hold a Ph.D. in medicine, or have at least two years of doctoral study.

Generally speaking, astronauts complete six years or more of post-secondary education, possibly longer if they hold a Ph.D.

Scientist & Scientist Coloring Pages

Who works as a scientist?

Scientists come in a variety of forms and carry out a wide range of tasks. The first scientist to notice, much as the senses aid us in studying and observing specific things in our surroundings, a scientist notices with the eyes, feels with the hands, hears in detail with the limbs, and critically considers their discoveries.

Scientists can find employment in private industry, government labs, academic institutions, and businesses.

printable scientist coloring pages

Scientist Coloring Pages for Kids

Some scientists train individuals to become scientists by teaching at universities and other institutions. To better understand reality, scientists frequently conduct experiments. They occasionally repeat trials or employ control groups.

Applied scientists work to change the world by applying their scientific expertise.

It’s definitely not an easy job to pick from, where you may work across the domains of biology, chemistry, and math, given the large range of majors you can enter. You will work 40 hours a week as normal if you follow the standard 9 to 5 schedule.

You could have to work weekends or overtime depending on the job, but many sectors ultimately need this.

If you’re working on the same project as someone else, as is frequently the case when crossing the line between academic and industry research, you’ll be visiting their laboratories and offices while you’re not in the test lab

You will be working outside of the lab as well by visiting conferences where other scientists will present their findings. As a result of the network that allows the scientific community to communicate with one another, it is more than just a side job to the rescue; it is a part of your profession.

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The process of becoming a scientist at an early age

Follow the process.

Since the title is Mad Scientist, it doesn’t need to be so orderly, right? Put on clothes that you could spill on since if you participate in the experiment, you will.

A laboratory operates.

Every scientist has a science lab, therefore this is a crucial stage! It might be in your garden, a tree house, or any room, bathroom, cellar, or even a hidden area where no one else is allowed to be. of course! Simply ensure that it is sizable enough to conduct tests and studies.

Supplies are available.

Consider the things you’ll need. For other Tests, you’ll need different things, so make sure you have those.

Thoughts and plans.

For instance, drawing out blueprints might be quite helpful when designing anything. Alternatively, you may make a list of things you desire to discover, study, etc.

Perform and present.  

Make your innovations if you believe they will function. Examine them just in case. then demonstrate your creation to someone. Whether it be your family or friends! One of the most thrilling aspects of being a scientist is this.


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