5 VSI Tips to Complete the CA Course on Time

VSI Tips to Complete the CA Course on Time

The CA course is vast, and students always need more time to complete the course. However, it is not the lack of time but the lack of planning and guidance due to which students cannot complete the Chartered Accountancy syllabus.

Ideally, students should complete the CA course at least two months before the exams, so they have enough time for revisions and solving mock tests. To help you complete your course on time, we have mentioned 5 practical tips by VSI Jaipur.

These VSI tips are super-effective and help hundreds of students complete the syllabus. Further, it gave them enough to revise the complete course at least 3 times.

To give you some insights about the VSI Jaipur institute, it is among the best CA coaching in India to prepare for Foundation, Intermediate, and Final. Its 7 students have all India 1st rank in Intermediate and Final exams. In VSI’s last CA Final result, 80% of the students passed their exams. So its tips for the students are genuine and followable.

Now, let’s check out the VSI preparation tips to complete the CA course on time.

  • Follow the study plan consistently
  • Go with the flow of the class
  • Studying in a distraction-free environment
  • Ask all the doubts regarding the topics
  • Study smartly and efficiently
  • Solve mock test papers

VSI Study Tips To Complete the CA Course On Time

Follow only ICAI Study Material

Following many study materials makes students confused about where to start, which kills much time. A different explanation of the same topic makes it harder to understand. Therefore, students must follow the ICAI study material for their preparation. ICAI material has all the topics in a straightforward and meaningful way that is easy to understand.

Follow the Class to Complete the CA Syllabus

Another practical tip to complete the Chartered Accountancy syllabus is to study with your classes. So, you must also complete the topics completed in the class from your side. Make a list of doubts or confusion, and get it resolved on the very next day.

Furthermore, use Sundays and other holidays to revise the completed syllabus.

Make a study plan and follow it honestly.

Always create an actionable study plan and follow it strictly daily. Keep enough time for focusing on revisions and mock tests. Here is how VSI divides the CA curriculum and how you can also do it.

Divide the whole CA course into A, B and C sections. A section covers 30% of the entire syllabus in volume. But 70% of the question came from these topics. From B section covers 20% of the entire syllabus in volume and questions. But in the C section, 50% of the entire syllabus covers and only 20% of the questions it covers in the examination.

  • A Analysis: An A analysis covers only 30% of course volume, and the weightage of marks is 70%. This part should be substantial and more revision is needed.
  • B Analysis: B analysis covers only 40% of the course, and the weightage of marks is 35%. It requires an average time to study.
  • C Analysis: C Analysis covers 40% of the course, and the weightage of marks from this section is only 15%. It requires easy reading.

Make Short Handwritten notes.

While studying the topics for the first time, make short notes and write the essential points to help you understand the topic in the revision time.

Study the Latest Amendments.

Don’t forget to news technologies study the recent amendments; the primary focus should be on the latest ones related to the course available in the coaching and ICAI notes.

Some Other VSI Tips to Excel in the CA Exams

Practice the Manuals

Practising the manuals is necessary. It helps to get the idea of new questions. It helps manage the time for solving the questions paper of exams on the given time duration and also helps to improve writing speed.

Solve Mock Test Papers

Solving mock test papers clears all the doubts regarding the topic and helps you learn how to solve the question paper during exam time.

A Minimum of Three Times Revisions is Compulsory

Always set the target for completing the syllabus on time so you have enough time for revision because revision is essential to remember the topics while writing the paper. So when you attempt the question during exam time, you will not get confused and can write the answers quickly.

As you know, the syllabus of CA is vast, and it is impossible to keep and learn any topic at once. It will take minimum three-time revisions to learn the syllabus. For revising, always use the notes you make while studying the syllabus.


This article is all about the tips provided by VSI for the students to complete the CA Course on time. In this topic, every critical point is written regarding the completion of the syllabus.

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