How to choose stationery

There are all kinds of stationery on the market now, and identifying safe stationery is a compulsory course for every parent.


Look for regular manufacturers

It is best to go to a regular stationery store to buy stationery. Most of the stalls along the road are produced by small workshops, so it is difficult to ensure safety.

Pick odorless items

Many stationery for children are scented, with erasers being the most prominent. Most of these fragrances are added with fragrances. For children who have not yet fully developed, prolonged exposure is still harmful to health. And some naughty children will bite on their mouths, so be careful.

Stationery color should not be too bright

Brightly colored stationery usually contains heavy metals, which can adversely affect human organs, blood system and bones. Choosing a light-colored series of stationery will also help children maintain their concentration in class.

The color of the paper should not be too white

Paper that is too white will irritate and damage students’ eyes, and it is easy to cause visual fatigue and affect eyesight. Choose yellowish, greenish colors.

Choose odorless, thin, and high-quality printing for pencil cases and school bags.

Choose a school bag with few metal accessories, a shoulder strap width greater than 5 cm, and a light body. Some commodities look rough printed. Most of these commodities are produced by small workshops, and it is difficult to guarantee the safety conditions. If you buy a new product with a package on the outside, it is recommended to open it and smell it when you buy it. Don’t buy it if it has an obvious smell, which may contain formaldehyde.

The book cover is made of PP material

Try to avoid using self-adhesive book wrapping film. The self-adhesive book wrapping film is similar to the wallpaper and has the risk of containing formaldehyde.

How to choose safe stationery

Every time the new semester starts, parents have to buy some new stationery for their children, but there are many things to pay attention to when buying stationery, the most important thing is the safety of stationery. How to choose safe stationery? You can also view at amazon discount code nhs


Stationery colors should not be too bright 

 Although brightly colored stationery looks good, it is not suitable for use, because such stationery is generally added with some heavy metal substances, such as lead and arsenic, which are not conducive to the health of students.

Stationery should not have edges and corners as much as possible 

The edges and corners of stationery should not be too sharp and sharp, so as to prevent students from being accidentally injured during use. Many high-quality stationery manufacturers are now processing the edges and corners of stationery to a certain degree, which greatly reduces the chance of students being injured.

Don’t buy scented erasers .

On the one hand, the scented eraser is easy to distract students in the learning process, and on the other hand, the eraser with fruit scent will induce some children to swallow the eraser, resulting in a safety accident.

Stationery should not smell too pungent 

Many newly bought stationery have a pungent odor when opened, which makes people feel nauseated and vomited. This is because of the addition of aromatics, formaldehyde and other chemicals. Frequent contact with this stationery can easily lead to respiratory problems in students. Disease.

The color of the workbook paper should not be too white

The color of the workbook paper is not as white as possible, and the paper that is too white uses fluorescent whitening agent. Frequent use of such workbooks is harmful to students’ eyesight, and it is easy for fluorescent whitening agents to be absorbed by the human body, which is harmful to students’ health.

Try not to use altered stationery

 Altered stationery, such as correction fluid and correction tape, are generally added with benzene, lead and other substances that are harmful to the human body. Even if the content of benzene and other substances is within the range of health standards, it is better not to use them as much as possible.

Do not buy stationery without three products

 When buying stationery, try to choose stationery products from well-known manufacturers and big brands. The product quality is more guaranteed, especially stationery such as color pens and correction fluids.

What to do if your child’s stationery is stolen

When children are in school, their stationery can be avoided by others or even stolen. You can visit at ebay discount code nhs


  1. First of all, we need to appease the child’s mentality. Maybe the stolen stationery will make the child feel very panic, and it will make him feel that there are bad people in the class. He will steal his things, which may have some influence on the child’s mind. At this time, we should persuade the child to make him feel that his stationery may have been lost by himself instead of being stolen, and explain that the child should be well Pack up your stationery so you don’t throw it away again next time
  2. Make up for the tools the child needs, and put these tools into the stationery box personally, and teach the child that when the stationery is used up, the normal pressure stationery should be put in the stationery box. Instead of littering, so that your stationery will not be lost.
  3. Tell your child that the stationery may be lost by yourself, and you will not lose it if you clean it up next time.

Keep three points in mind when choosing stationery for children

With the arrival of the new semester, stationery has begun to sell well again. In the eyes of many parents, beautiful stationery can win the hearts of children. In fact, the selection of stationery is also very difficult. You can also check at boots discount code nhs


  1. Do not choose scented stationery. Among the children’s stationery sold on the market, many of them are scented, such as erasers, pens, and paper. Parents must pay attention to the fact that these scented stationery are not really safe and non-toxic, and it is likely that benzene, formaldehyde and other substances are at fault.
    Even a very small amount of harmful aromatic amines can affect the health of immature students. Like benzene, it is a colorless, volatile liquid with a special aroma that can cause throat irritation, itching and burning when inhaled.
    Formaldehyde is now a well-known toxic chemical. If it is exposed to or inhaled for a long time, not only some lesions will appear in the respiratory tract and skin, but also some other more serious lesions such as leukemia and cancer will occur.

Second, the color of the paper should not be too white. Many parents think that white paper represents cleanliness and high quality. However, according to the “General Requirements for the Safety of Student Supplies” promulgated by the state, the brightness of textbooks and books used by students should not be greater than 85%.

Although the whiteness of paper needs to be measured with professional instruments, it is understood that only paper made of raw wood pulp can achieve 90% whiteness. Generally speaking, paper with a whiteness below 85% will turn yellow. Simply put, yellowed paper is relatively safer.

Three, stationery environmental protection and non-toxic priority.

  1. Choose environmentally friendly and non-toxic products: When parents buy stationery for their children, they should try to buy children’s stationery in regular shopping malls and stores.

Painting paints, erasers, correction fluids and other stationery should be marked with words such as “environmentally friendly and non-toxic”.

At the same time, when purchasing, it is also necessary to check whether the product is clearly marked with the product name, implementation standard, manufacturer name, factory address, warning words, matters that should be paid attention to when using, production date, shelf life, etc., and choose carefully.

  1. Pay attention to the safety of children’s stationery: Pay attention to the safety of the pen cap, the diameter of the pen cap should be greater than 16mm, and there should be a continuous air channel of at least 6.8 square millimeters on the pen cap body, which can reduce the danger of suffocation after the user accidentally swallows;

Manual scissors and blades should be at the top of the arc and should not be sharp at the tip; in addition, when purchasing exercise books, pay attention to the fact that the paper should not be too white, which will stimulate and damage children’s eyes and affect vision.

Overly fancy stationery is not conducive to children’s concentration. Now stationery stores sell stationery in an endless stream, with fancy appearance, bright colors, and some even have the function of toys. When parents help their babies choose, they should take practicality as the first purpose.

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