New normal of Asian man focus on writing on paper after getting ideas from partner.

The drafting and proofreading part of an essay submission needs extreme attention by the Online Assignment Help services.

It is very essential to go through a checklist in order to spot the possible flaws in one’s essay before its submission. Therefore, it is essential to get the essay ready at hand 24-12 hours prior to the deadline, as among other things, the to-do list includes thoroughly reading the essay a few times.

Reading the essay for citations

  • Checking the proper citing of every idea that is taken from elsewhere: The assigner is likely to look into the original ideas and individuality as also engagement with secondary sources. Hence, it is necessary to be particularly cautious in separating what one has quoted or rephrased from elsewhere and what one actually opines, it is also needed to appear clear to the assigner if one is rephrasing a source or directly quoting from there.
  • Checking if the citations are correct and appropriate: Whether one chooses to uses footnotes and bibliography like MLA or Chicago, it has to be ensured that the citation style is followed closely. It is better to refer to Google scholar while getting the citations accurate. Checking the order of bibliography is required.
  • Checking if the primary sources too have been referenced: Although this could appear pretty obvious, but it is important to reference the primary sources and editions one uses. If a play is being quoted, is required to mention as to where in that play, a particular line exists (like, “Act II, Scene I, ll. 223-45); if being quoted from a novel, the page number will be enough.

It could be helpful to differentiate one’s bibliography into ‘primary’ and ‘secondary’ sources and put the primary sources in the beginning of the list.

Reading the essay for style

  • Editing of grammar and spellings: One has to check for typos and mistakes in sentence construction.
  • Editing for punctuation and syntax: The sentences need to flow as one reads them, the connections between sentences and those between the clauses need to be clear. It could help to read the essay out loud, or only the lines that seem unsettled. The argument is likely to appear weak, if the logical links in between sentences are unclear. If they fail to look clear to the author, they would not be clear to the reader either. One has to question whether a semi-colon really is the punctuation mark required to differentiate those two clauses.
  • Editing for vocabulary and style: It is feasible to avoid broad, banal generalizations and vague words, such as, ‘The Odyssey is the most famous book in the history of western literature’, ‘Sappho’s poetry is beautiful’, ‘No woman was free to act in ancient Rome’, etc. One has to ensure that the words picked at the mid moments in their debate, are the best possible words one could choose. One has to also check for the usage of colloquial phrases as in cases of university essays, those are not applicable.

Reading for structure and argument

  • Structure editing: If any paragraph in the essay is longer than a page, it needs re-formulating or cutting. In maximum cases, long paragraphs look appealing when they are made to split into shorter ones.
  • Checking the argument flow: It is necessary for the argument to flow naturally from one Para to the next, to be laid out clearly from the start. It has to be clearly stated if there is a disagreement with any source.
  • Re-reading the introduction: The introduction should not be too short or too long (not more than 500 words max.). There exists a good no. of ways by which the first paragraph could me made catchy, even if it is an academic essay. It can be a nice quote from a primary or a secondary source the author has come across. The introduction must also indicate the what the body of the essay is all about.
  • Re-reading the conclusion: It is better to think of the conclusion as the culmination of the entire argument, that makes the whole come together. It has to be kept in mind that, the author has reached a conclusion, instead of finding one.

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