Parental Involvement and Students’ Academic Achievements

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No one can deny the power of parental involvement in students’ academic achievements. Since family engagement with the institute is integral to the student’s success, they should establish touchpoints with the school. With effective parental involvement and the school’s efforts combined, the student inevitably succeeds.

What Does Parental Involvement And Students’ Academic Achievements Look Like In Practice?

Parental involvement is a two-way relationship where educators and parents of a student work in collaboration with each other to set students up for extraordinary academic achievements. The effects of family engagement on the accomplishments of a student are significant as it ensures the following points:

  • It increases the likelihood that the students will graduate without any delay.
  • It enhances the chances of students working hard to improve their grades,
  • Students are more likely to maintain attendance in their schools or academic institutions due to the check and control of the parents.

This way, parental involvement plays a substantial role in the student’s academic success.

What Does The Term Parental Involvement Entail?

A student’s parental involvement and family engagement with his institute can take many forms. Some common examples of such a connection are as follows:

  • Helping their children with homework and their studies
  • Communication between students and their families regarding academics and school
  • Discussions relating to the areas in which improvement is required and keeping track of the progress of the student
  • Appreciating the student, both the school and the parents, in case of their outstanding academic achievements
  • Establishing an environment at home and school which will be conducive to studying
  • Vivid academic and educational expectations communicated to the student by family and school
  • Academic assignment help provided to the students per their needs
  • Continuous and effective communication between family and school
  • Parent participation in school functions and staying in touch with the teachers of the student to get timely progress reports

Such effective parental engagement helps the students succeed impeccably, and they feel encouraged to secure further academic success.

How Does Parental Involvement Impact The Academic Achievements Of The Students?

When parents are interested, engaged and concerned about the academic achievements of their kids, they succeed. The relationship between parental involvement and students’ success is not just intuitive: research shows the practical impact of parental engagement on the success rate of students. It impacts the success of students in the following ways:

Expectations’ Effect on The Success Rate Of Students

Several kinds of research show a strong correlation between parental involvement and students’ achievements. The survey results in this regard elaborated on the impact of parental expectations on the student’s grades. Researchers found that the family’s expectations and aspirations for the kids are vital to the students’ improved grades. Children whose families play an active role in their education have significantly better academic performance than children with less engaged parents.

Improved Graduation Rates Due To Parental Involvement

Research shows that parental involvement can also improve the graduation rates of students to a great extent. Several reports published in renowned academic journals show that where parent or family involvement is high, students attend their classes and attend school more regularly. It also decreases the likelihood of students dropping out of high school. The graduation rates of students due to enhanced involvement of the parents in their kids’ studies also increase significantly.

Parental Involvement Assists The Teachers In Supporting Students Better

Parents have first-hand access to the needs of their children. Their perspective can assist the teachers in seeing beyond the classroom premises and understanding the student’s needs as individuals. This way, teachers can better help the students meet the expectations of their families and overcome the academic challenges they may encounter. By partnering with the parents of students, teachers can obtain a robust understanding of who the students are and their backgrounds. It will further help them devise practical strategies to escalate the success and academic achievements of the students.

What Are Some Practical Ideas For Improving Parental Involvement In The Academic Affairs Of Students?

Once academic professionals identify the challenges to parental engagement with their children’s educational activities, they can invest in the schemes and approaches that foster the family engagement of students. Given below are some of the strategies that educators can apply and use to encourage parental involvement that is sustainable and relational:

Making Of Parents Advocacy Groups

Meeting the needs of the parents is the first step to engagement. Collaborative groups with the existing students’ parents and families can make the new families feel welcome. It will become easier for them to identify and address the academic challenges faced by their children.

Expanding The Volunteer Opportunities

Involving the parents as participants should not be limited to the school function days. Having parents in the school for field trips can be a great idea to increase their participation in school activities. Expanding the options to include after-school activities, outreach groups, planning sessions etc., will improve the family engagement of the students.

Offering Home Visits

Programs that bring the school faculty into the student homes can also positively impact parental engagement in school affairs. Parents should be met where they live to provide services such as education, advice, training etc.

Scheduling Regular Student Meetings

Regular meetings of students with teachers and other relevant academic staff should be arranged to increase the productivity of the students. It will help to elevate the academic achievements of the students significantly.

Hosting Family And Parental Workshops

Parents may want to engage with the academic pace of their children and support them, but many of them do not know how to do so. Regular workshops can teach families and parents about school, education and the academic reports of their children. It will also improve the success rate of students.


When the parents and school authorities come together as stakeholders in the child’s education, they automatically pave the way for the remarkable academic achievements of the student. Schools and other educational institutes can better assist students and enrich the social communities by fostering parental engagement.

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