Simple Suggestions Before Giving a ProctorU Exam

Some students have had trouble with ProctorU, a program that helps professors ensure students’ academic honesty in online classrooms. Online Schools Center found that 33% of the 635 students polled admitted to cheating at least once while taking an online course. To combat exam cheating, UT has started using the ProctorU platform. Some students still have lingering concerns about ProctorU, despite the site’s features have greatly reduced those concerns.


Here Are Some Tips You Should Know About ProctorU Examination:



Before entering the proctorU exams a printed copy of your booking confirmation email, which also comes in a valid government-issued photo ID with a signature, also keep in mind that the name on the photo ID must match the name of your account. If you’re facing issues related to your name queries kindly contact the organization that is conducting the exams, some of the other testing organizations may require 2 forms of ID.



You will be requested to install the ProctorU add-on if you haven’t already. It’s a component of online proctoring that your browser will ask you to share your screen. A number of automated checks will be performed on your equipment to ensure it satisfies standards.


Evidence (Including Photographs and a Signature)

To prove your identity, you’ll need to take a photo of yourself holding official identification. Randomly generated challenge questions pulled from public records may be used for additional layers of verification. There is a possibility that you may be asked to type a paragraph of text that will be compared to a typing test you took in advance. Your educator or organization may use one of these methods at their discretion.


Evidence and Links to Proctor

After completing identity verification, your proctor will welcome you to the exam. Your proctor will go over the rules of the exam with you and may request to see any materials you have been given permission to use. Whereas, Take My Online Exams provides such services for part-timer students to pay someone for their proctored exam. Just ask to Take My Online Proctor Exam for me, and our experienced professionals will assist you with your query.

Locating the Exam and Entering Your password, then using the access code supplied by your teacher, your proctor will lead you to your LMS (Learning Management System) for the delivery of your exam.

Even the slightest movement can catch up with the help of artificial intelligence (AI). The eye-rolling, looking at the screen, changes in screen lighting, or any slight changeable behavior in audio can cause you trouble while noting those events in the real-time feature. 


What to Do After Finishing the Exam?

Inform the proctor that you are completed before you turn in your work. Please inform your proctor via the chat box that you have completed the exam before submitting it. They’ll keep an eye on everything as it’s submitted. After an exam, you might also have to rip up your scratch paper or wipe off a whiteboard.


Analyze Findings

If your test scores are uploaded instantly, you have as much time as you need to study them. Every scheduling, rescheduling error, and cancellation in your own proctorU account includes switching testing manners from an exam center to online platforms.

If you ever face technical issues while having a proctorU session and before your exam begins, somehow the proctor servers will run some standard checks on your systems before sending a troubleshooting request, and a plus point is a time it takes for troubleshooting before the exam starts do not count towards your allotted test time.


Turn Down Your Browser and Exam Site

Once you’ve finished checking your exam results, your proctor will need to see you log out of the exam website and close all open browser tabs.

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