A Short Manual for Rajmachi Trek and Adventure

Rajmachi trek


Rajmachi is a little town situated in the Sahyadri mountain range in the Indian territory of Maharashtra. It is around 10 km from Lonavala and 15 km from Karjat. Rajmachi comprises of two strongholds, to be specific Shrivardhan Post and Manoranjan Stronghold, which were worked by Shivaji Maharaj in the seventeenth hundred years. The base town of Rajmachi is Udhewadi.

Rajmachi trek is a famous trekking of Maharashtra. The journey to Rajmachi can be embraced from two distinct courses, to be specific the Tungarli course and the Kondivade course. The Tungarli course is the more straightforward of the two and is appropriate for amateurs. It requires around 3-4 hours to arrive at Rajmachi from the base town of Udhewadi. The Kondivade course is somewhat seriously testing and requires around 5-6 hours to arrive at Rajmachi.

There are various homestays and resorts in the Rajmachi region that offer essential convenience and conveniences. Setting up camp is likewise a famous choice among travelers.

Ways of arriving at Rajmachi Journey

By Rail :- Pune Rail line Station

Pune Rail route Station is the closest rail line station for the trip. You will effectively get an immediate train from Mumbai to Pune.

By Street :- Pune

Pune is all around associated with Mumbai and numerous urban areas of Maharashtra. You can take a state transport or a confidential transport from Mumbai to Pune.

Via Air :- Pune

Pune is the closest air terminal for the trip. You will effectively get a non-stop departure from Mumbai to Pune.

3 days schedule for Rajmachi Journey

Day 1: Drive from Mumbai to Rajmachi

Begin your drive from Mumbai in the first part of the day and head towards Rajmachi. The drive will require about 3 hours. When you arrive at Rajmachi, look into your inn and unwind for the afternoon.

Day 2: Rajmachi Journey

Begin your journey from Rajmachi town and arrive at the highest point of the post. Investigate the post and the encompassing region. You can likewise visit the sanctuaries and the lakes on the post.

Day 3: Drive back to Mumbai

Begin your drive back to Mumbai in the first part of the day. You can stop on the way to visit a portion of the close by vacation destinations. Arrive at Mumbai before sun-down.

Rajmachi Journey 4 spots to visit

  1. Rajmachi Stronghold

This stronghold is situated at a level of 2710 feet. The Rajmachi Stronghold is one of the most famous traveler objections in the locale. It is an enormous post and has two fundamental fortresses, Shrivardhan and Manaranjan. The post was worked during the Maratha rule and it has a rich history. The Rajmachi Post is a well known traveling objective and it is perhaps of the most difficult trip in the locale.

  1. Rajmachi Point

Rajmachi Point is situated at a level of 2700 feet. It is one of the greatest places in the Rajmachi district and offers a shocking perspective on the encompassing region. The Rajmachi Point is a famous traveling objective and it is quite possibly of the most difficult journey in the locale.

  1. Rajmachi Lake

Rajmachi Lake is situated at a level of 2500 feet. The Rajmachi Lake is a well known traveling objective and it is quite possibly of the most difficult journey in the district.

  1. Rajmachi Natural life Safe-haven:

The Rajmachi Untamed life Asylum is an incredible spot to see the natural life of Maharashtra. The safe-haven is home to numerous uncommon and imperiled types of creatures.

  1. Rajmachi Town:

The Rajmachi Town is a wonderful town situated in the Rajmachi region. The town is an incredible spot to visit and find out about the way of life and custom of the Maratha public.

Best Courses for the trip

There are many paths that lead up to Rajmachi, yet the most famous and notable course begins from Lonavala. The journey from Lonavala to Rajmachi is a moderate level trip and can be finished in two days. The all out distance of the trip is around 16 km and the complete span of the journey is around 6-7 hours.

The trip starts from Tungarli town, which is around 3 km from Lonavala. The underlying piece of the trip is through thick woods and the path is very rough. Following a couple of long periods of journeying, you will arrive at Rajmachi Post. The upper post is the fundamental stronghold, which has the remains of the old royal residence and sanctuaries. The lower stronghold is more modest in size and has a couple of old houses.

From Rajmachi Stronghold, you can get shocking perspectives on the encompassing mountains and valleys. You can likewise see the Tungarli Lake, which is a lovely counterfeit lake.

Subsequent to investing some energy at Rajmachi Post, you can start your trip back to Tungarli town. The journey back is generally downhill and is more straightforward than the trip up.

By and large, the Rajmachi journey is an extraordinary encounter and is ideal for the people who love nature and experience.

While going on a trip to Rajmachi, conveying a few fundamental things with you is significant. These things include:

-A guide of the area

-A compass

-An emergency treatment pack

-A spotlight

-Additional batteries



-Garments for every single atmospheric condition

-Climbing boots

-A camera

Last decision

Rajmachi is most certainly a journeying objective that ought to be on everybody’s rundown. With its dazzling perspectives and testing trails, it is the ideal spot to investigate and get some incredible activity. We energetically prescribe this journey to anybody searching for an undertaking.

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