All you need to know about Sondai fort trek

sondai fort trek


The Sondai  fort Stronghold was fabricated with the goal that it could go about as a lookout for observation of close to regions. It gets its name as a result of the presence of the sanctuary of Goddess of Sondai fort, at the highest point of the mountain. you should visit Sondai fort trek at least once.

The tree over the sanctuary is viewed as its wall since it has no properstructure.On your way to Sondai fortress, you’ll go over the close to home geology of Morbe dam which offers an awsome perspective on Matheran slopes. We guarantee you that you’ll feel as though you’re seeing the grand savages where cow are eating calmly close to the dam and the whole dam is encased inside the sky contacting slopes.

 Where your spirit feel joy and invigorated is the” Changewadi overflow”. This fountain is found a many measures ahead from the Sondai stronghold venture beginning stage. Thus, you can either visit it previously or after your excursion.( Short guidance Assuming that the precipitation is bright, lean toward visiting the cascade after your excursion).

These two districts can definitely add a flash to your one day excursion of Sondai stronghold and make it a noteworthy occasion. The explanation being you can observer the delight of better places on a solitary lift. So ensure you invest some energy close to Morbe levee while going towards the base vill, complete the Sondai post venture, and furthermore drench yourself in the surging water of” Changewadi cascade”


 Remaining at a level of 365 m, the Sondai post venture is a little slope stronghold venture, which is further of a lookout. The post is at the foundation of two townlets, Sondewadi and Wavarle. Sondewadi vill is at quarter range from the post.

 From the pinnacle of the Sondai Post, one can get an unmistakable and lovely perspective on the Morba Dam, Prabalgad, Songiri, Rajmachi and Irshal palaces and the Matheran mountain range. There are 4 water tanks on the fortress, out of which 2 of them give drinkable water. There’s likewise a legend of Sondai Devi on the highest point of the post and the method for removing one there are etched from gems. The locals have set up 2 graduations to make the riseeasier.The first stepping stool has two tuns to one side while the other one takes us straightforwardly to the top.

Things to Recall on Sondai Post Journey

 ensure you go with a gathering of people on foot or go with an informed mountain climber. You can design Sendai stronghold venture in any season however you need to consider a few impacts before you intend to visit it In the event that you’re a first-time mountain dweller.

summer can be difficult in the event that you are not used to visiting for quite a while in the scorchy sun.

  During showers, a portion of the inclining gemstone patches come tricky. Subsequently, you want to remain cautious and walk carefully through them.

 During cutbacks, most extreme of the lavish green patches blur down. This present circumstance would demolish your traveling experience, essentially for the Sondai stronghold venture.

Tip-You may be pondering additionally which could be the exquisite chance to visit Sondai stronghold? Thus, according to our experience, you can want to visit this stronghold by average or end of Storm. Yet, check the precipitation cast and plan just when it isn’t pouring intensely.

 The path

The Sondai stronghold venture has a simple path and requires about an hour to arrive at the post. The path turns into a piece hard during tempests as the gemstone way come elusive.

 There are two courses to arrive at the fortification. The one from Sondewadi is more best since the course from Wavarle has a little sensitive methodology as it goes through a thick woods.

 The most effective method to reach

 The base town for the Sondai venture is Sondewadi town which is situated a good ways off of 11.5 km from Karjat. You can fluidly arrive at there through open or confidential transportation.

Via Train Assuming that you’re coming by means of train additionally landing at the Karjat station, stroll towards the Kalyan end and emerge toward the Eastside. By taking an auto from that point we can arrive at the Sondewadi town which is around 9 km.

 Via Auto( From Karjat) One can take a 6 seater auto or ST from Karjat Chowk and land at the Borgaon Phata. A stroll of 3 km out and about along Morbe Dam takes us towards the Sondewadi town.


 no extra charge for the stronghold.

 The post is perfect to visit during light hours.

 Wear an agreeable sets of shoes

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