Best things to do in Munnar with friends and family


Overview –

6000 feet above sea level and located in the Idukki district, Munnar tour package from bangalore was once the summer retreat of the British aristocracy. It is renowned for its endless stretch of tea estates, green belt of dense forests, and home to some critically endangered animal species like the Neelakurinji and Nilgiri Tahr. Due to its pristine valleys, mountains, and exotic varieties of flora and fauna, it is regarded as one of South India’s most popular tourist destinations.


Munnar is a breathtaking location in Kerala

Its beauty draws thousands of tourists there each year. There are numerous vantage points scattered throughout this region from which you can view the breathtaking valleys, hills, and rivers. Its pleasant hills, clear lakes, and rocky terrain have further made it a well-liked trekking and camping location.


Local tourist destinations like the Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary and the elusive Nilgiri Tahr draw visitors from all over the world to this area. Atukkad Waterfall, a stunning waterfall where you can go on a romantic getaway, is tucked away between Munnar’s stunning hills. Another beautiful location in Munnar is called Photopoint, which is a great place for taking pictures because of the still woods and sparkling stream there.



The two most popular activities that you absolutely must try while in Munnar are trekking and camping. In addition to this, you can have a surreal experience by visiting tea plantations or staying in a treehouse. The top things to do in Munnar should also include a safari tour of Eravikulam National Park and a shikara ride on Kundala Lake.


While Munnar’s year-round climate is quite agreeable, people flock here in particular during the summer to escape the oppressive heat in other parts of the nation. Since the majority of activities are restricted during the monsoon season, Munnar experiences heavy rainfall during this time. Between March and September, when the weather stays very pleasant, is the ideal time to visit Munnar.


the top destinations to see in Munnar?

Eravikulam National Park, for example The Eravikulam National Park is home to a wide variety of regional flora and fauna as well as numerous wildlife species. The lion-tailed macaque, motor monkeys, tigers, and leopards are among the endangered species that have made this national park a UNESCO World Heritage Site their home.


This is where the Nilgiri Towers species of mountain goat makes its home. The Neelakurinji flowers, which bloom every 12 years, are the most well-known feature of this national park.


Location: Munnar PO, Kerala, The Wildlife Warden 685612.

Price per person: 90 to 370 INR.


Echo Point: A popular camping location and natural vista, Echo Point is a favourite among both locals and visitors. This location offers visitors a stunning view of the skies as they look out over the lush meadows and low-lying terrain.


To gaze into the crimson sun, people typically come here at sunset and sunrise. One can easily find hiking trails near Echo Point. The most well-known aspect of this location is that it is removed from city noises, offering peace and quiet to nature lovers and adventure seekers.


Mattupetty Dam: 

One of Munnar’s most well-known attractions, the Mattupetty Dam is located 1700 metres above sea level.


Since its construction, this town has become a very well-liked picnic destination for both locals and tourists. It was an Indo Swiss livestock project. The dam looks over Anamudi Peak and has a lovely lake in the middle of it.


The main reasons people come here are to go boating, camping, hiking, and trekking. You can choose from a variety of activities here whether you’re travelling with family or your significant other on a romantic getaway. It is a very popular location among photographers and other nature lovers due to the scenery of a lake with a mountain protecting it in the background.


The requisites in Munnar?

In Munnar, there are many things to do. What’s on the list?


1. Tea garden strolls in Munnar: 

One of the most enjoyable and revitalising things to do in Munnar is to take a stroll through the stunning, picturesque estates that are scattered throughout the city. These places are paradise because of their lush, green vegetation. There is no more relaxing way to spend an evening than by simply going for a stroll.


2. Take in the waterfalls of the Western Ghats: 

Munnar is undoubtedly one of the main draws in the vast Western Ghat. Most of the Western Ghat is encircled by the stunning natural environment, which is made up of amazing plantations and steep, curved hills. While you’re there, take in the beauty of the waterfalls.

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