Demi Lovato is dating a musician: A happy and healthy relationship

Demi Lovato Is Dating A Musician:

It’s love time! Demetrius Gomez is Demi Lovato’s newest flame in the music industry! According to a source who spoke with HollywoodLife, the singer, who just recently started using she/her pronouns again, is currently in a new relationship, and her new boyfriend is also in the entertainment industry. An insider told People magazine that the 29-year-old artist was seeing someone fresh. Asked by the media outlet, “It’s a genuinely happy and healthy relationship,” they replied.



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Insight from a close insider reveals that Demi’s new boyfriend appears to be the ideal match for her. “He’s a nice man,” they said. Until now, the “Sorry Not Sorry” singer had been set to marry singer and actor Max Ehrich by the end of 2020.

They had been dating for six months when they called it quits six weeks after announcing their engagement. Dancing With The Devil is a docuseries about the singer’s life being “turned upside down” when her engagement ended. Goknowl exclusively spoke with a source close to Demi, who said she was “ready to date” a few months after the breakup in February 2021.

HOLY FVCK is Demi’s eighth studio album, and she’s been working on it for months. On August 19, a brand-new record is expected to be unveiled. Aside from “Skin Of My Teeth,” she’s released two other singles. That being said, she has hinted that her future album will be less pop-influenced than her prior releases. When she announced the album, she turned off the camera and captioned. The photo in a way that suggested the new record would be more rock-inspired than her previous ones. “A memorial service for my pop music,” she wrote.

Fans have claimed that the new song “29” references her ex-boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama after a preview of the tune was uploaded on TikTok. It’s unknown whether the recent romance on the record will inspire new songs.

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