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Chikmagalur is a slope station in the southern territory of Karnataka. Chikmagalur is well known for its peaceful normal magnificence which incorporates lavish green backwoods, mountain ranges, and different slopes and glades.

Chikmagalur is a spot to visit and fail to remember every one of the concerns of life. Chikmagalur is a characteristic heaven and there are different destinations to visit. The Bangalore to Chikmagalur tour package give the best yet most reasonable voyaging experience.

Best opportunity to visit Chikmagalur from Bangalore

The best opportunity to head out to Chikmagalur is from September to Spring. During this period the climate and environment will help you out. Because of the Rainstorm season, you can observer different free-streaming waterways, cascades, and brook. Winter season stays from December to February here and the temperature during this time shifts between 14 degree Celsius to 32 degree Celsius.

During the previously mentioned months, the climate is cool and lovely. It is the ideal opportunity to partake in your journey.

Bangalore to Chikmagalur course map

Chikmagalur is roughly 243 km far off from the capital city of Bangalore from the public interstate 75. It is the quickest course to arrive at Chikmagalur from Bangalore, it requires around four hours to arrive at your objective.

The excursion is loaded up with different regular miracles. There are different streams, mountains, lavish green woodlands, and numerous cascades that will doubtlessly be a treat for your eyes.

Following NH 75 is the quickest and littlest course to cover, the locales that you will experience during this excursion are the wonderful villa of Yediyur that prompts Channarayapatna, and afterward get the honor of seeing the magnificence of Hassan then the excursion follows to Belur at long last it takes you to your lovely objective of Chikmagalur.

The most effective method to arrive at Bangalore to Chikmagalur

Via air:-

Chikmagalur being a modest community doesn’t have an air terminal, subsequently individuals who like to go via air need to initially arrive at Mangalore, which is the closest air terminal which is roughly 120 KM from Chikmagalur and a 3-hour drive away.

The people who like to go via air can require a 1-hour departure from Bangalore to Mangalore and cover the leftover distance by transport or vehicle. What’s more, partake in the stunning paths that follow.

By transport:-

There are various transports, both public and confidential that handle between the two urban communities. Besides, taking the transport is a more prudent choice for movement. There are numerous air conditioner, non-ac as well as sleeper transports. The transports start from a few pickup focuses in Bangalore, a portion of the normal boarding locales are Magnificent, Yeshwantpur Govardhan Theater, Goraguntepalya, Navarang Circle, Jalahalli Cross, Eighth Fundamental Circle Dasarahalli, and Nelamangala Circle.

It requires 5 to 7 hours to arrive at your objective and the passage is sensible. This will in general be explorers’ #1 means to arrive at Chikmagalur from Bangalore.

By rail routes:-

If you have any desire to go through rail routes then There is just single traveler train called Yesvantpur Chikmagalur Quick Traveler that starts on a regular everyday practice and leaves Yeshwantpur station, which is around 8 KM from Bangalore at 3.15 pm and arrived at Chikmagalur at 10 pm around the same time, covering the distance of about 245 KM in 6 hours.

The train venture is much better in the event that you go from Bangalore to Kadur, which is only 40 km from Chikmagalur then you can cover the distance by transport or taxi. It is pocket cordial for vacationers and agreeable also.

Drive from Bangalore to Chikmagalur:-

Driving your vehicle or carpooling with loved ones is the most favored choice while visiting Chikmagalur. It tends to be one of the most amazing excursions for movement sweethearts. The street among Bangalore and Chikmagalur is in the best condition which makes your process smooth and pleasurable. It will hold onto roughly 6 hours to arrive at your objective. You will go through numerous towns and villas, where you can savor the food and culture. Along these lines, you will have your timetable and you can venture out as indicated by your accommodation and solace.

What should be done in Chikmagalur

There are different activities and regular wonders to investigate when you visit Chikmagalur. Different cascades are should visit to investigate the peaceful regular excellence, for example, Hebbe Falls, Kalhatti falls, Jhari falls, Shanti Falls, and Alekan Falls.

Assuming you are a daring individual and you love to travel, Chikmagalur offers the best journeying experience at the pinnacle of Mullayanagiri, the kemmangundi Pinnacle, and the captivating pinnacle of Bababudangiri.

Vacationers can go for a walk along the espresso domains and relish the scent of new espresso. Nature devotees can visit the Neelakurinji Blossoms and investigate the new regular blossoms. Explorers will be left in stunningness in the midst of the hallowed normal magnificence of Chikmagalur.


The excursion to Chikmagalur will make you restored and invigorated once more away from the concerns of life. In the lap of tranquil nature, you will fail to remember all the lowly of occupied life and have a ball without limit and will clearly gain a few experiences to treasure.

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