The most beautiful trek of Bangalore : Kudremukh trek


Overview –

In Kannada, kudremukh translates as “horse’s face.” The peak’s distinctive shape is what gave it this name. Historically, this was also known as Samseparvath because Samse village used to be the access point.


Chikkamagaluru district’s Kudremukh trek is tucked away in the heart of the western ghats. 

It is the third-highest peak in Karnataka after Mullayyangiri and Baba Budangiri and is located at an elevation of 6,207 feet.


Numerous plants and animals can be found in Kudremukh. While trekking, you can even see deer and peacocks along the way in addition to other wildlife!


It is a lovely trek through the misty valleys and rolling green hills.


One thing to watch out for is the peak’s horse-face structure.

The Kudremukh peak has a distinctive feature that, when viewed from the side, resembles a horse’s face. After an hour of hiking from the forest office, this building is visible. Although it appears to be getting closer, there are still three hours of walking to go.


Walking through the Shola forest.

The grasslands and shrublands that can be seen in the western ghats are known locally as “shola.” To get to Kudremukh peak, you must hike through the shola forest.


 If you’re fortunate, you might see them while hiking.


Highlights of the Kudremukh Trek

Trek on the difficult trails as you pass through grasslands, forests, and numerous small streams.


If you finish the trek earlier, you may also have the opportunity to visit the cool Somvati Falls.


About the Activity:


Take advantage of this exciting trekking opportunity to Kudremukh and replenish yourself with the breathtaking views from the peak.


Take advantage of convenient and comfortable transportation from and to Bangalore.

Grab delicious breakfast, lunch, and dinner on Day 1 and breakfast on Day 2.

Visit the tiny village of Kudremukh, which is 335 kilometers from Bangalore in Karnataka and 96 kilometers from the Chikmagalur district.

With amenities like mattresses and sleeping bags, accommodations will be provided in camps on a two-thirds-sharing basis.


When is the ideal time to visit Kudremukh?

The best months to visit Kudremukh are December through February. When the weather is perfect, you can go hiking and scuba diving. Although it is blessed with a pleasant environment all year long, if trekking is your main reason for visiting Kudremukh, you should avoid traveling during the rainy season.


What are the top homestays in Kudremukh?

Coffee Ghiri Homestay: Coffee Ghiri Homestay is a good place for unusual travelers to stay because it is surrounded by a lush natural setting. It provides affordable lodging and is surrounded by breathtaking natural landscapes, which spellbinds everyone. A rudimentary kitchenette, a bonfire, a dining area, etc. 


25 kilometers from Chikmagalur, in the Hasiru Thana Homestay, visitors can get a peek at what it’s like to live on a coffee plantation. The ability to retreat here during a holiday and enjoy the days without the bustle of the cities is a terrific reprieve for coffee enthusiasts.


A beautiful retreat for nature lovers in Kudremukh is Thangaali Homestay, which is surrounded by a view of misty hills and lush valleys. It is a welcoming guesthouse for families where you can unwind in peace and enjoy the natural surroundings as well as freshly prepared Malnad cuisine and other modern homestay services.


Kudremukh is known for what?

These attributes make Kudremukh well-known:


  1. Festivities associated with fairs and festivals – Kudremukh is home to many colorful celebrations, including the Karavali and Navratri festivals. The Karnataka government hosts the Karavali festival each February, during which rituals like Bhuta (Demon Worship), Nagamandala, and Demon Dance are practiced. Also celebrated during the Durga Puja is the Navratri festival, which lasts ten days.


  1. Trekking and hiking – A haven for adventure seekers, Kudremukh offers a thrilling trek through the Western Ghats’ valleys. The route offers hikers a memorable experience while allowing them to discover the varied flora and fauna along the way. The trail is full of stunning backdrops.


Prepare your eyes to be charmed by the untamed beauty of Kudremukh National Park. One of the most popular tourist destinations in Chikmagalur, this location provides a relaxing getaway. It is praised for its beautiful scenery and is home to some of the most beautiful plants and animals in the entire state of Karnataka. The name of the peak in this park, which is frequently hailed as an exhilarating trekking location, is Kudremukh, which means horse face.




For nature lovers and thrill seekers looking to get away from the stresses of everyday life in the most beautiful surroundings, Kudremukh National Park is a delight. This location offers a relaxing getaway among lovely tea and coffee plantations.

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