Top Easy And Best Way To Hack Pubg Mobile Account For Free

Top Easy And Best Way To Hack Pubg Mobile Account For Free

When it comes to mobile battleground games in 2022, PUBG Mobile is at the top of the list. Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile requires a Facebook, Twitter, or Gmail account to be used as a login in order to play the game and save the player’s progress and rank but some people want some ways to Hack Pubg Mobile Account For Free.


If you want a free, brand-new PUBG Mobile account with free rewards like a royal pass, then you need to follow the procedure outlined below. When someone signs up for PUBG Mobile for the first time, he gets an account with no UC and Gun skins and any other type of rewards. Many other well-known online games, such as Fortnite and Garena Free Fire, also provide free accounts.


Get Free Items for Playing PUBG Mobile:


Free awards, premiums and money may all be yours when you sign up for PUBG Mobile using the steps outlined below.


  •         Obtain a free account to play PUBG Mobile.
  •         For the first time, all 800 UC calls made during the login process will be free.
  •         Find free skins for the M416, AKM, DP 28, Scar-L, M16A4, M762 UMP, and sniper rifles like the KR 98 and M24. Among these are the AWM, the S12k, and other short guns.
  •         Free Season 14 costumes for PUBG Mobile
  •         Ten thousand (10,000) before present
  •         Pieces of silver worth $20,000


Phishing: The Android Gamer’s Guide to Hacking PUBG Accounts


In order to steal other people’s credentials, such as their passwords and email addresses, hackers use a technique called “phishing,” in which a spoofed login page is created using an HTML phishing script.


Exactly how do you imagine it working, though, do you suppose? Here, we break everything down so that you don’t have to worry about falling prey to the same scam.


How to Phish Your Way into a Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds Account on Android


  •         Start by going into your phone’s browser.
  •         Then, using the one provided here as an illustration, sign into the website of the free hosting account (
  •         Prior to continuing, you must first enter your email address and create a password.
  •         If that’s the case, check the inbox you used to sign up because an email from 000webhost needs to be verified.
  •         Please check your inbox and choose the “Click here to validate your email” link to complete the account verification process.
  •         Select the Click your website option, and you’ll be sent to the dashboard of your email account.
  •         Then, log back into 000webhost and create a user name and password for your new site, keeping in mind that the name of your site must contain references to the official PUBG smartphone.
  •         When that happens, go to the site’s footer and click the Upload now button there.
  •         In a new tab, click the download link below to access the Phishing PUBG mobile script (Phishing Script Download Link).
  •         Simply use the “Upload” button at the top of the page to send the script file straight.
  •         Therefore, please begin by extracting the script by clicking and holding the file until the extract option appears, and then selecting extract.
  •         If a folder appears after extracting, open it so you may select all of the files within the archive.
  •         If you want to relocate the previously selected file, you must first pick it, then click the “change” button, followed by the “pulic html” button, the “select this” button, and finally the “move” button.
  •         After that, you may use your current email to swap out the details of the recipients who will be receiving the data gleaned through the phishing attempt.
  •         First, locate the file on your computer with the name complite.php or email.php, and then press the “Save” button.
  •         Finished! To increase interest, add a subdomain such as or
  •         Now all you have to do is attempt to open the phishing link, which has already been established.
  •         Once the page is loaded, the target can sign in using their social media account, and you’ll receive an email with the findings.

Hack Pubg Mobile Account

If the phishing link you made is good, all you have to do to get plenty of people to click on it is share it on social media.


Why people want free PUBG mobile accounts:


The vast majority of people logged in with their own Facebook or email accounts. If you break PUBG Mobile’s rules, you’ll get your game account and social media/email accounts banned. However, the game can be enjoyed normally with one of these free accounts. Some users believe that their passwords and other sensitive information were compromised when they signed in using their Facebook or email accounts, and so they seek free accounts as a solution.


You will be asked to enter your original Account password while logging in. The fact that these players are competitive meant that they would not utilize their free accounts for anything other than practice, even though doing so would mean losing their current Rank. If you utilize certain tools in the mobile PUBG game, you risk having your account banned. Those users used a free Account because they didn’t want to risk losing their primary Account.


Inquiry regarding a fresh PUBG Mobile account:


Simply fill in your name, desired account type (an account linked with Facebook or an account linked with Email), and your active Email address to receive instructions on how to create a new PUBG Mobile account. If you wait a few minutes to an hour, you will get an email containing your PUBG Mobile Account details.


PUBG Mobile ID Word Accounts—Why Should You Use Them?


There are times when you may want to find the most fashionable PUBG mobile IDs that can be created with UCs. But it’s possible you’re not aware of the ways in which they’re assisting you. You can see the benefits of using these IDs, and I hope you’ll start using them right now.

1) There Are No Limits With their boundless UC, you can make any purchase, whenever you like. Most items in the store are redeemable for UCs.

2) Convenience Everybody here is aware that the process of obtaining UCs will take some extra time. That’s why it’s so helpful to have an account that used to have UCs and has since been purged.

3) UCs can be used to directly purchase what you need without going through any formal channels.

4) Required for Your Business The prospect of having to create a new account and earn back all of your UCs if you lose your old one is motivating. Thus, these accounts can be used as a free will choice.

5)Previous Market Values Since the purpose of these accounts is to put the supposedly limitless perks of the accounts to the test, they contain many details that have only been publicly disclosed now. And you can put them to good use with minimal effort.


The next part of this post is the one you’ve all been waiting for. Below, I’ve listed all the potential IDs and their corresponding passphrases, in order of increasing utility. Take extreme caution when using these.


The Official List of Active PUBG Mobile IDs and Passwords


Numerous addicts have started establishing PUBG mobile IDs and making them available to other addicts. Those who are serious PUBG mobile addicts are the ones that do this.


It’s common knowledge, for example, that a PUBG mobile app could be developed with sign-in support for social media platforms like Facebook, Google, and Twitter. After that is a list of alternate IDs and passwords that can be used by drug dealers.


PUBG Mobile Hacks and Mods


Since PUBG can only be played over the internet, servers must be always active to allow for its play. Although PUBG Mobile’s server is designed to prevent cheating, some players still choose to use modified versions of the app.


This “hacked” version of the game is created by making changes to the game’s source code, which are then implemented throughout the game. Finally, the game is encrypted in an APK mod (for Android users) or IPA mod (for iOS users) and made available on a variety of websites. They may be quickly and easily installed on your mobile devices (just make sure you’ve enabled the installation of apps from unknown sources on your device), and iPhone users will appreciate the fact that their phones won’t require a jailbreak.


These modified versions are searchable online. Enter “PUBG Mobile Hacked APK for Android” or “PUBG Mobile Hacked IPA for Apple” into your search engine of choice.


Downloadable PUBG Mobile Aimbot


This exploit is also available as a modification. In this mode, you may have your player do all the aiming and shooting for you with the press of a single button. This exploit is based on modified code that will automatically aim at your enemies and kill them with a single shot.


You should exercise caution when using this Mod, as aimbots are easily identified by anti-hack software on the game server. Consequently, you should exercise caution when employing the aimbots. Here are some suggestions that should lessen the likelihood of your being discovered:


  •         Never aim for an empty space.
  •         Avoid being too precise.
  •         You should slow down your aim and your shooting.
  •         Never aim for the head.
  •         Don’t watch the Killcams or the reruns.


Increase your PUBG Mobile BP with a Hack


Battle Points (BP) are the in-game currency that your character can get by completing successful missions. With these points, you can purchase a wide variety of outfit chests.


You can earn combat points by killing foes and some of these battle points are depending on your Rankings, so long as you play the game honestly. Signing up for the many websites that provide this offer is another way to gain Battle points. Battle points can also be purchased with real money from a small number of premium websites.


The game’s AFK mode can be used to gain experience and level up your character. Many hackers have collaborated to develop a Bot that can earn combat points while you’re away from your computer. Numerous codes and variants can be found on various websites. All you need to do to move your player about for a while or to keep your character safe within the game zone is write the code to do so. The Battle Points (BP) accumulated by your bot will be awarded to you once you have achieved victory in the game by eliminating all other players. This is the Battle Points Farming Bot AFK mode.


Get a Free Email Account for PUBG Mobile Here!


If you’re looking for a PUBG Mobile account with an email address, you can find some new ones on this list that don’t require you to sign up for anything. Don’t worry, all of these PUBG Mobile accounts were made manually, without the use of any hacking tools or programs, and are completely secure.


Register for a free PUBG Mobile account with your Facebook account:


The majority of PUBG Mobile users logged in with their social media profiles. This is a typical tactic because these days nearly every gamer has a Facebook account, thus we’ve compiled a list of PUBG mobile accounts that have their social media accounts linked.

PUBG Mobile Accounts Gmail PUBG Mobile Accounts password lolifanbrefse029 Primagolfs42 Meting39292 Lollipoptvip nowiaxirs Overclokcar42 Mtgotels265 saklayip4201 ofittopiclark


Passwords for free PUBG Mobile KR accounts:


Many PUBG Mobile fans in India are currently playing the Korean version, also known as the KR version because the servers of PUBG KR are still up and running in India despite the ban on the worldwide version of this game. We have compiled a list of PUBG Mobile KR free accounts with login information in case you are interested in playing from one of the many countries where the global version is banned.

PUBG Mobile Accounts Gmail PUBG Mobile Accounts password lolifanbrefse029 Primagolfs42 Meting39292 Lollipoptvip nowiaxirs Overclokcar42 Mtgotels265 saklayip4201 ofittopiclark


Access Information for PUBG KR, Including Email and Password:


Users With Passwords For BGMI Accounts:


A new version of PUBG Mobile India [BGMI] is coming out next month, and fans in India cannot wait. Because your old Battleground Mobile India account might not be active anymore, we’ve compiled a list of BGMI usernames that you can use to sign up for the game and immediately begin accruing free prizes, just like with any other PUBG Mobile account.


PUBG Mobile Accounts Gmail PUBG Mobile Accounts password lolifanbrefse029 Primagolfs42 Meting39292 Lollipoptvip nowiaxirs Overclokcar42 Mtgotels265 saklayip4201 ofittopiclark


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