Best colors of painting kitchen cabinets

painting kitchen cabinets

painting kitchen cabinets

important part of any kitchen. It’s not surprising,

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therefore, that you want them to look their best. I get it! It’s something I have experienced. It’s a great way to give your kitchen cabinets a new lease of life. You don’t have to paint your cabinets if they are in great condition. You can make your kitchen more modern by painting your cabinets.

You know that you want to paint your kitchen cabinets. But what color paint should you choose? The cabinet painting experts are the best people to ask about the most preferred kitchen cabinet paint colors. WOW 1 Day Painting has painted many cabinets. I will share with you the most requested colors. But I wanted to speak with someone who specializes in kitchen This is a common question I get. You’d be surprised to know that kitchen cabinets are an cabinets painting, an expert in this field. To find the most popular paint colors among her clients, I reached out to Bethany, My Reclaimed Cottage.

White paint colors topped this list as expected. However, there were also a few non-white paint colors that made it. This is a mixed bag of paint colors. These are some tips to keep in mind when choosing the right kitchen cabinet paint color.

Paint Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Black is the first color to consider. Contrast is created best by black, particularly if you have walls, floors, or countertops in lighter colors. You can use black painted kitchen cabinets for any type of kitchen design, whether it’s midcentury modern or traditional.

Warm browns and beiges are a good choice if black is not an option. These colors go well with any countertop or floor, including dark or light wood, gray, black tile, granite, and even black granite Gray can be used in a variety of shades to add sophistication and class to any type of painted kitchen cabinets.

You can mix and match colors to create a monochromatic look. Blues and yellows are great together. Add a personal touch to your family’s art collection by using chalkboard paint to decorate one of the lower-painted kitchen cabinets. Let the children draw and color as they please. Don’t forget to paint the upper cabinets with the same chalkboard paint so that Mom or Dad can keep a calendar, post notes, and keep track of their lists. You can also draw and color,

Coolest White: Sherwin Williams Snowbound

Jessica Salamone is the principal interior designer at Lotus and Lilac Design Studio. She loves painting kitchen cabinets when creating new spaces. Snowbound by Sherwin Williams is one of her favorite cabinetry options. This hue is slightly cooler than other warm whites. She says, “This crisp, clear white is ideal for transitional or modern interiors.” Sherwin Williams hues are available in many types, including acrylic, latex and oil-based.

Darkest Gray: Sherwin Williams Web Gray

Web Gray by Sherwin Williams is a timeless, stylish and versatile color for kitchen cabinets,” Melissa George, a decor blogger behind Polished Habitat says. It is unexpected but works well with farmhouse styles and modern gold accents. It is the most requested paint color in our house. It’s easy for deep colors to intimidate, but this dark gray can be a great transition color if you want to change from white cabinets or lighter-colored cabinets to darker ones.

Best Navy Blue: Sherwin Williams Salty Dog

“Navy is a timeless paint color for kitchen cabinets and it will never go out-of-style,” says Rebecca Longman (interior designer, owner of Custom Home Design. Salt Dog by Sherwin Williams is her favorite. It is a true navy color that matches most kitchen hardware finishes, including knobs and pulls.

Best Green: The Spruce Home Matcha

John Machelle, a New York City architect says that the outdoors inspires his work. He enjoys greening interiors with natural colors. The Spruce Best Homes Matcha is a beautiful color for kitchen cabinets. It’s a subtle shade of green with a delicate undertone of yellow. Pair it with terra-cotta tiles for flooring. This 32-color curated selection includes bold statement hues and timeless neutral shades.

Best Sage Green: Farrow & Ball Pigeon

Jessica Salamone, interior designer at Lotus and Lilac Design Studio, says that a light sage color is a beautiful choice for kitchen cabinets. I recommend Farrow & Ball Pigeon. She says it is a beautiful hue that can be used in a wide range of decorating styles, from farmhouse-style to traditional. This is a popular color choice for kitchen islands.

Best Warm White: Benjamin Moore Decorator’s White

Taryn Bone, an architect from Bone Collective Studio, loves Decorator’s white from Benjamin Moore. She says that Decorator’s White from Benjamin Moore has a warmth that bright white doesn’t have, but it isn’t too warm so it can still work well with cool tones like gray and blue. This timeless color is a favorite of both home-decorators and professionals, and can be used to spruce up any cabinet set.

Best Black: The Spruce Home Phantom Black

The Spruce Best Homes Phantom Black cabinetry is dramatic,” says John Machelle, architect. It looks great on base cabinets when paired up with upper cabinets in a neutral color. It can hide pesky scuff marks and is great for kitchen islands. The brand is available in matte, semigloss and satin sheens. It uses low-odor, low VOC ingredients that are stain resistant, washable, long-lasting, and easy to clean.

Best Beige Magnolia Home Gatherings

Isabel Williams, an interior designer at Fantastic Services has helped many homeowners choose the right paint colors for their spaces. She says that Magnolia Home’s Gatherings paint shade is beautiful in any light. It’s an excellent choice for kitchens without natural lighting. The paint color can be greige-tinted in sun-drenched areas. It feels like a beiger in darker rooms with an undertone gray. You can choose from eggshell, matte or satin sheens for this paint. This color is described by the brand as a golden gray with amber-tan undertones.

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