Hoodoo Psychic Jon Saint Germain

When I was six years old, my grandmother, who was a famous East Tennessee psychic reader, gave me one of her old tarot decks and said, “Here, Joni, look at the pictures.” Funny thing – the pictures looked back at me!

My mother and aunt were also psychics, so I was raised in a world where spirits were part of the family, and conjuration and rootwork were quite natural. Mom was an astrologer and even when computers came along, she drew her charts by hand. My aunt read dates and omens. This means that if a flock of birds flies overhead or a black dog sits on your doorstep, these events are omens and she will tell you what they mean. My grandmother, a great tarot reader, passed away in 1974 but is still with me. She looks over my shoulder and keeps me on track, and even in spirit, she’ll tell me when I’m wrong!

Jon Saint Germain practice tarot, palmistry, intuitive and clairvoyant readings, psychometric mediumship (reading by touching objects or images), bone oracle, dream interpretation, and other spiritual methods as the situation calls for. For 35 years I have helped people find peace of mind, solve relationship and life problems, find their true love and purpose in life, and know what to do with themselves. I try to do it as soon as possible. After all, none of us are getting any younger

I won’t brag about my skills or explain what rootwork is. If you came here you already know, and if you search your heart you will know if I am the right person to help you or not. I’ll briefly mention what I mean by non-crossing, cut and clear work, love, attraction, money worries, prosperity and success, job search, security, justice, health, and — in legitimate cases — payback and revenge. I do My rootwork is very detailed and traditional southern style. I work from old recipes and formulas, from The Key of Solomon and the Psalter, collect my materials carefully and Psychic Jon makes all my tools myself as I was taught. Additionally, I have university degrees in both studio art and engineering, and I apply this training to developing your conjurer. My work is precise, powerful, focused, and produced with love and passion.

I do candle requests and services (my candles are handmade and hand-painted), make custom baby dolls, bottle conjurers, jack balls, mojo bags, and mojo hands. You are welcome to request other custom items, and I will try to accommodate you if time permits.

I believe in giving back, so a portion of the money I earn from reading is donated to help animals.

I must warn you: like my grandmother, I tell the situation exactly as I see it. In other words, I won’t lie to you just to make you feel good. If I get any hard news, I’ll let you know. But we will also see if we can do something about it. My greatest joy in life is helping people find happiness and success. Thanks so much for visiting and I hope to see you soon!

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