How to choose a sofa and how to identify the quality of the sofa


Nowadays, people’s living standards have improved, and many people’s homes have begun to be arranged. Sofas are an indispensable part of the furniture. Now let’s talk about how to buy sofas. From the time the sofa was used to today, people are still inseparable from it. Today’s people use the sofa as a bed to sleep on. Anyway, as long as it can be used, people will use it to the extreme, and its role will start to increase. How to choose a sofa, I hope my sharing can help you.


  1. A sofa is one of the indispensable pieces of furniture in every family life. Before purchasing a sofa, you need to have a certain understanding of the size of the sofa. Different living room sizes should be matched with different sofa sizes. So what is the size of the sofa in general? There are four main types of sofa sizes.
  2. Three-person sofa, the size of this sofa is generally length: 1750-1960mm, depth: 800-900mm.
  3. Single sofa, its size is generally length: 800-950mm. Depth: 850-900mm. Seat height: 350-420mm. Back height: 700-900mm.
  4. How to buy a sofa
  5. Double sofa, its size is generally length: 1260-1500mm. Depth: 800-900mm. Seat height: 400mm.
  6. When purchasing a sofa, it is best to choose an impermeable sofa. Even if water is accidentally spilled on this sofa, it will have no effect.
  7. When online shopping for purchasing a sofa, it is best to choose a sofa that is scratch-resistant and wear-resistant, which can keep the sofa intact.
  8. When buying a sofa, it is best to choose a sofa that is breathable and comfortable. This kind of sofa will not be uncomfortable when we rest on it.
  9. When purchasing a sofa, it is best to choose a sofa made of disposable cotton and linen fabrics. We don’t need to clean this sofa.
  10. When purchasing a sofa, it is best to choose an environmentally friendly and healthy sofa. When we choose to buy, we have already achieved protection for the environment.
  11. When purchasing a sofa, it is best to choose a removable and washable sofa, even if it does not need to be washed, but it is more convenient for people with cleanliness.
  12. When purchasing a sofa, it is best to choose a sofa that can be freely changed in shape and placement. We can change this sofa at any time.  

How to buy a sofa

Three-person sofa, the size of this sofa is generally length: 1750-1960mm, depth: 800-900mm.

Four-seat sofa, its size is generally length: 2320-2520mm, depth: 800-900mm.

Therefore, you can choose according to your actual needs. The data on sofa size is not static. Depending on the style of the sofa, the size of the designed sofa is slightly different. Generally, the height of the sofa sitting surface from the ground is about 35-45 cm. The sitting width is generally not less than 460mm. But it shouldn’t be too wide. The inclination of the sitting surface is generally 3-5 degrees. The opposite seatback also tilts back. curry discount code NHS 

How do clean a sofa with the sofa washing machine?

Exquisite and elegant, colorful fabric furniture has become the choice of more and more families. In addition to daily vacuuming, the maintenance of fabric furniture also requires professional cleaning and maintenance. Taking the fabric sofa as an example, the editor will tell you how to use the sofa cleaning machine to clean the fabric sofa!


  • sofa washing machine
  • Suction hose
  • High foam carpet shampoo, defoamer
  • sofa head


  1. Cleaning tools ready.
  2. Add an appropriate amount of high-foaming carpet shampoo to the clean water tank. Add a 3:1 defoamer to the recovery tanking with an appropriate amount of water.
  3. Connect the sofa machine harness, water outlet, and water suction port.
  4. Connect the power supply, and turn on the water spray and hand brush switch.
  5. The knob adjusts the water content of the foam, the larger the value, the smaller the amount of foam.
  6. Turn on the machine head switch and start working.
  7. Turn on the suction switch and suck the foam dry.

The characteristics of two types of sofas: leisure leather sofa and fabric leisure sofa

As the sofa manufacturing process becomes more and more sophisticated, the materials of leisure sofas have become more and more extensive. At present, the varieties of leisure sofas include not only leather, fabric, metal, and rattan but also solid wood, etc. To create a perfect home life, elegant leisure sofas are essential. Today, I will mainly introduce to you, the two categories of leisure leather sofas and fabric leisure sofas. Charles Bentley discount code

Leisure leather sofa

The casual leather sofa is elegant and generous, with a high-end style. The leather sofa is luxurious, calm and solemn, and majestic in terms of shape and fabric, especially in the spacious living room. Putting such a sofa will improve the grade of the whole room. Generally speaking, the processing technology of leather sofas is very cumbersome and complicated, and it needs to go through many processes, many of which are purely handmade. The quality is naturally top-notch.

Due to factors such as raw materials, craftsmanship, and other factors, leather sofas are relatively more expensive. A set of full leather sofas consumes the cowhide equivalent of 10 cattle, and there are many craftsmanships, so the price is naturally high.

The maintenance of leather sofas is relatively troublesome, especially paying attention not to make scratches or stains. And if there are children at home, if you are not careful, you may make scratches on it. Leather sofas should pay more attention to daily maintenance than fabric sofas. Although leather sofas are generally expensive, there is no doubt that leather sofas have a long service life. The high-quality leather sofa has exquisite workmanship and is very high-grade. eBay discount code NHS

Fabric leisure sofa

Fabric Sofa has a soft and natural feeling fabric sofa itself, the fabric leisure sofa is more suitable for pastoral style design. In busy urban life, the leisure sofa brings people infinitely comfortable and fashionable home enjoyment. Sitting on sofa, let your thoughts fly, warm and comfortably. Action Camera Flashlight

A leisure fabric sofa, as the name suggests, is a leisure sofa made of various fabrics. In terms of style, it can be divided into European and American country styles, modern fashion styles, and neo-classical styles. At present, most of the products on the market are modern fashion styles and European and American country styles. The modern and fashionable fabric leisure sofa is generally simple in shape and full of artistic sense. In addition, the European and American country-style leisure hair, adhering to the consistent style of country furniture, is composed of fabric art and solid wood frame. When this style of leisure sofa is placed on the balcony or in the bedroom, it seems to return to the simple and natural countryside. Pick up a cup of coffee and savor it carefully, and a warm and casual living atmosphere emerges spontaneously.

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