Knowledge of the purchase and classification of children’s shoes

Kids Shoes

Kids Shoes

The choice of children’s shoes is not an easy task for many mothers. They must be fashionable and comfortable, and they must be liked by children. They can’t buy small or big ones. The child is developing and the growth of the feet is crucial. What should I do when buying children’s shoes? What kind of children’s shoes are there?

Kinds can be divided

Children’s leather shoes: generally refers to the leather shoes suitable for children made of natural leather, artificial leather and synthetic leather by the processes of gluing, sewing, laminating, vulcanization, injection molding, and perfusion.

Traveling shoes : Traveling shoes are sports shoes, exercise shoes, fitness shoes, walking shoes, jogging shoes, casual shoes, etc. for general wear, excluding professional sports shoes, generally natural leather, synthetic leather, fabric, leather and non- A mix of leather materials makes travel shoes suitable for children. You can also view at asos discount code nhs

Leather sandals: generally refers to the use of gluing, sewing, lamination, vulcanization, injection molding, perfusion and other processes to manufacture leather sandals suitable for children with natural leather, artificial leather, and synthetic leather as the upper material.
Cloth-faced children’s rubber shoes: generally refers to rubber-soled shoes or other elastic-bottomed shoes whose uppers are made of various fabrics and are suitable for children to wear.

Children’s shoes for children of different ages

Today, the editor will introduce to you what kind of children’s shoes should be worn by children of different ages? Humans are the only animals with arches, do you know? The comfort of the feet not only affects walking, but also affects the spine and other systems. Influence, but the quality inspection and supervision of my country’s management agencies are not strict, and the phenomenon that buyers lack basic knowledge of shoe selection is very common. In fact, shoes strictly require material, structure and function to meet national standards and meet the physiological characteristics of the feet. You can also check at boohoo discount code nhs


  1. Middle-aged and older children between the ages of 5 and 12 are characterized by being able to walk and move independently and like sports. Especially children over the age of 8 and 9 have already started school and are in a period of very heavy exercise. Therefore, when choosing children’s shoes for children of this age, children’s shoes with TPR substrate should be selected. This material is between rubber and plastic. It has the following advantages to the human body: First, it has good elasticity. Since children exercise a lot and are in a critical period of development, choosing materials with good elasticity can reduce the shock to the brain and heart and protect the normal development and growth of major organs; the second is good wear resistance and folding resistance. Due to the large amount of exercise, the wear of children’s shoes is very fast. TPR material just meets the requirements of children’s shoes with good wear resistance and folding resistance, slowing down the speed of wear and tear, so that the shoes can be worn and not damaged too quickly.
  2. Another commonly used material for big children’s shoes is EVA, which is soft, light and comfortable to wear. It is used to make sports shoes and is suitable for wearing during sports. Especially for running, jumping, throwing and other sports, it has a greater protective effect on the body. In the production of children’s shoes, EVA is often used as a foam insole, with other materials with good elasticity, the shock absorption effect is better, and the protective effect on the children’s body is also more prominent
  3. The main materials used in children’s shoes are beef tendon and rubber. Both materials are lightweight, soft and fold-resistant. Mainly suitable for children aged 2 to 5 years old. At this time, the child has just begun to walk, so choose light-weight shoes to reduce the child’s fatigue. Secondly, the child is young, the bones have just begun to develop, and the shape has not yet been finalized. It is necessary to wear shoes made of soft materials as much as possible, so as not to deform the child’s feet and affect future growth and development
  4. Children over the age of 13 can wear adult sneakers directly. Choose some well-known brands of shoes that have a good shock absorption effect and are conducive to protecting the brain and heart and other organs.

BK mother and baby shoes children’s shoes daily maintenance tips

When children learn to walk, it’s like the nature that has been sealed for a long time is suddenly released. They like to run around and jump around, hoping to experience all new things in person. Therefore, children’s shoes are very important to children, and parents also hope that their children can experience all kinds of fun in life on the premise of wearing comfortable and healthy clothes. And a good pair of shoes usually needs maintenance, otherwise, according to the child’s playful nature, the shoes will rot within a few days. Next, let’s follow the editor of BK mother and baby shoes to see how to maintain children’s shoes. Buyers also visit at matalan discount code nhs


  1. Leather shoes should not be soaked in rain, brushed with water, exposed to the sun or baked in fire, so as to avoid deformation of leather shoes
  2. The shoes should be placed in a ventilated place when they are not worn at ordinary times. If the shoes are stored on the first floor or in the basement, please make the insole as high as possible, and do not let the shoe box directly touch the ground to avoid mildew.
  3. If the small shoes are soaked or wet, they can be gently wiped dry with a soft cloth, and the dirt on the uppers of the shoes should be brushed off. Then, make a paper ball with dry newspaper and put them in the shoes, and try to keep as much as possible. Put the shoes in a cool, ventilated place and let them air dry naturally. Do not use “quick fixes” such as hair dryers, dryers, or sun exposure, as quick drying can accelerate leather aging and shorten the life of your shoes.
  4. Shoes also need proper rest. Changing shoes every day can prolong the life of shoes. Specific maintenance methods for different types of small shoes

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