How To Maintain And Care For Your Wood Fence

Wood Fence

Wood fences are of crucial importance in facilitating clear borders for your home spaces. But it is of no concern. Whatever good-quality material you use for getting the professional wood fence installation. It would for sure require much attention to keep their look and beauty well-maintained. There is no need to be stressed. Because you can either get proper care of your fence done by hand. Or hiring services from top-rated organizations like Colorbond Fencing Installation Perth would be worthwhile. Below are several tips you can follow for proper wood fence care;

1. Starting with quality

If you want your wooden fence’s protection from several inevitable damages. There would be a requirement of much attention to getting its beauty well-maintained. Whether materials you are using for the whole installation process are of the best quality. 

Unlike other woods, cedar is much more decay-repellent by nature. That is the reason most industries prefer using this type of wood to get the fencing done. In addition to this, Fence Installation can be a sort of hefty work to be done. You can no doubt get it completed yourself. Seeking help from companies like home equity loans would also be worthwhile.

2. Caring for wood

Wood, no doubt an organic material, has a higher susceptibility to decay and rot. But to increase its durability, appropriate care would be required. You can for instance use wood sealant to get your wood fence pickets sealed. However, the water-resistant sealant is preferred to be used in unpainted fence types. In that way, your wood fence gets protected from drying, cracking, and other weathering conditions. 

Furthermore, according to experts of companies like Fence Installation Perth. Restaining your wood fence every three to five years would strengthen it. And longevity would get enhanced also. Like restaining, it would also be great to get your fence repainted every two to three years depending on the weather. 

3. No unneeded weight on the wood

Most people prefer their wooden fences with decorations like metal ornaments, several planters, and many more. As they can be drilled into much comfortably. Though these types of decorations make your wood fence eye-catching and adorable. But what about its strength? The unnecessary weight can cause your fence’s break much easier. Despite this, one should also trim shrubs and vines he/she adds to a wooden fence appropriately also. 

4. Avoiding moisture problems

One of the greatest damage a wood can get is getting in contact with moisture. No doubt it would be utterly unavoidable to get water near your wood fence. But you can at least keep a complete check on your fence. So that there must not be unnecessary water contact. Also, experts of companies like Fence Installers Perth suggest avoiding hose spraying on the fence planks. 

5. Quickly dealing with wood fence issues

Even the best-quality wood fences can face several kinds of issues. For instance, weather like upper midwest wind storms can cause great damage to your wood fence. One should avoid water wastage. If you see splitting, loose boards, sagging, rotting, or any kind of damage. However, keeping your fence unchecked in these cases would be a leading cause of a much bigger problem. 

Preventive or precautionary measures do have a crucial role to play. Therefore, correcting your issue before it gets worse would be great. Or you can seek help from professional organizations to deal with extremely severe conditions. 

6. Caring for the hardware

One must memorize several wood fence hardware key aspects also. According to experts of organizations like Fence Installers Perth. If the hardware of your fence is getting any kind of damage. Be fast to replace that hardware as early as possible. It would not compromise your fence’s overall structural integrity. 

7. Checking out Fence posts

There must be a complete check over the wood fence posts. The most used are 4 by 4 and 4 by 6 depending on what you prefer. Furthermore, these kinds of fence posts would be able to face extreme weather conditions for many years.  


To conclude, wood fences provide a greater level of privacy and security to most spaces. Also, they are one hundred percent environmentally safe. They would be much easier to maintain. Despite this, the overall worth of your space or property also rises once you use these fences. Though there are multiple facilities you can use. Some tips to keep them in shape to raise their durability are above in this blog. So, one can either prefer DIY for this purpose. Or experts of companies like Fence Installers Perth can help also.

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