Must-Have Hair Styling Tools For You

Must-Have Hair Styling Tools For You

Whether you are a seasoned veteran or fresh graduate, there are some essential items you should have in your hair styling tool box. Two sets of shears that cover all cutting techniques, a powerful yet lightweight blow dryer, a versatile curling iron, a razor, a paddle brush, a thermal round brush, a set of combs, clips for sectioning, and a water bottle to keep hair manageable throughout the haircut are all must-haves for hairdressers. When it comes to acquiring tools that you will use every day behind the chair, the options are virtually limitless.

To make things easier, we have compiled a list of products that are absolutely necessary for assembling the ideal hairdresser’s tool kit.

Multi-Use Shears

The most common size used by hairdressers is between 5.5 and 6.5 inches, depending on the results desired. A 5.5-inch shear is good for precise cutting, but a longer shear, say 6 to 7 inches, is ideal for cutting huge sections of hair, compressed cutting, scissor-over-comb work, and deep texturizing.

A longer shear may also shorten the time it takes to perform a one-length bob or scissor-over-comb method, as well as letting you to comfortably and simply frame hair around a client’s face.

Want to have the best of both worlds?

This size ergonomic shear is large enough to tackle any work, from layering methods to cutting one-length styles, but not so long that it’s hard to use behind the chair every day.

Shears for Blending

A blending shear is necessary when you wish to eliminate weight quickly, soften lines, or provide controlled texture. This flexible shear, also known as a thinning shear, has regularly spaced teeth on one side and a straight blunt blade on the other.

Look for a professional blending shear (also known as a professional thinning shear or professional texturizing shear) with a moderate weight removal so that it may be used to softly remove lines, texturize, and modify weight balance within a form. The blending shear should have convex blades and an opposing grip handle to be reversible and reduce pressure on your hand, wrist, and shoulder.

Lightweight but powerful blow dryer

What is a hairstylist without a blow dryer?

It may be the most critical item in your bag, second only to your shears. You want a hair dryer that is light enough that you don’t feel like you have been lifting weights at the end of the day, and you should seek cutting-edge ionic technology, which reduces damage and leaves locks looking shining and frizz-free.

A professional ionic blow dryer with built-in ceramic and tourmaline ion production produces exceptional shine while reducing static hair frizz. It weighs less than a pound and provides strong airflow while remaining silent.

Curling iron

If you can only have one iron in your kit, make it a 1″ curling iron that also turns to a hair wand rapidly. Because the barrel is not so little that you wind up with tight ringlets, but it is large enough to produce just the proper amount of bend and wave, this iron is adaptable enough to create a range of styles.

Wrap hair around the barrel using various ways to get loose and spontaneous curls and waves or sleek and finished waves. It is usually recommended to use a curling iron and wand to salon professionals because of the control and variety of methods that can be developed as compared to a spring loaded curling iron.


This is a must-have tool for efficiently eliminating hair while creating great texture. When you want to give your hair a lived-in look that isn’t as neat and precise, use a razor. Look for a razor with replaceable blades that can be used for straight-razor cutting as well as blending and texturizing hair.

A razor with ergonomic finger design keeps your hand in a natural posture, reducing strain when cutting hair. When shopping for a new razor, seek this feature. 

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