Urgent bread recall: Breads and pretzels may be infected with germs

King’s Hawaiian issued a recall for 3 pretzel bread merchandise, warning buyers that there’s a danger of bacterial contamination. The recall follows the large Lyons Magnus recall that included dozens of drinks after which noticed a significant expansion. Lyons’s subsequent announcement warns that the drinks may comprise two harmful microorganisms: Cronobacter sakazakii and Clostridium botulinum.

King’s Hawaiian mentions the identical two microorganisms within the recall, noting that its bread merchandise comprises an ingredient that’s a part of the extra in-depth Lyons drinks recall.


King’s Hawaiian pretzel bread recall

The corporate issued the bread recall after Lyons up to date with its preliminary recall motion. The US Meals and Drug Administration (FDA) printed the press launch at this link.

King's Hawaiian recall: The Pretzel Hamburger Bun retail package.
King’s Hawaiian recall: The Pretzel Hamburger Bun retail bundle. Picture supply: FDA

King’s Hawaiian pretzel bread merchandise included three totally different pretzel merchandise within the recall. Under, you’ll discover the product names, UPCs, and lot codes you ought to be looking out for.

  • 800111 – King’s Hawaiian Pretzel Hamburger Bun – UPC: 73435000365, Lot Code: 108222, 109222, 110222, 111222, 112222, 164222, 165222, 166222, 167222, 168222, 187222, 188222, 189222, 199222, 214222, 215222, 216222, 217222, 218222.
  • 800112 – King’s Hawaiian Pretzel Slider Bun – UPC: 73435000372, Lot Code: 115222, 116222, 117222, 118222, 119222, 120222, 157222, 158222, 159222, 160222, 161222, 162222, 200222, 201222, 202222, 203222, 204222, 220222, 221222.
  • 800151 – King’s Hawaiian Pretzel Bites, UPC: 73435000525, Lot Code: 1672IB, 1682IB, 1702IB, 1712IB, 1722IB, 1732IB, 1742IB, 1752IB, 1772IB, 1782IB, 1792IB, 1802IB, 1812IB, 1842IB, 1852IB, 1862IB, 1872IB, 1882IB, 1912IB, 1922IB, 1932IB, 1942IB, 1952IB, 1982IB, 1992IB, 2002IB, 2012IB, 2022IB, 2052IB, 2062IB, 2072IB, 2082IB, 2092IB, 2122IB, 2132IB, 2142IB, 2152IB, 2162IB, 2192IB, 2202IB, 2212IB.

King’s Hawaiian explains that the recall doesn’t influence every other merchandise. Solely the bread varieties above use the possibly contaminated ingredient from Lyons Magnus. Moreover, the agency says it would resume producing the bread as soon as it has disposed of the present product and ensured that each one of the remaining elements are protected.

Cronobacter sakazakii and Clostridium botulinum infections

The corporate notes there aren’t any identified instances of sickness related to the King’s Hawaiian pretzel bread merchandise within the recall. Furthermore, it has not detected any pathogens in its merchandise. Nevertheless, it’s conducting the recall out of an abundance of warning. The theoretical danger of an infection stays.

King's Hawaiian recall: The Pretzel Slider Bun retail package.
King’s Hawaiian recall: The Pretzel Slider Bun retail bundle. Picture supply: FDA

Cronobacter is similar bacteria that triggered the large Abbott baby formula recall earlier this yr. Infections in people must be uncommon. Signs would come with fever, vomiting, and urinary tract infections. However, people who find themselves immunocompromised may be extra vulnerable to extra extreme diseases.

As for Clostridium, the micro organism can result in an extreme type of meal poisoning. Signs can seem inside hours after consuming contaminated merchandise. However, some individuals may take up to some weeks to develop signs.

Potential signs embody double imaginative and prescient, blurred imaginative and prescient, drooping eyelids, slurred speech, issue swallowing, and muscle weak spot. Extreme infections can result in respiratory paralysis and, in uncommon instances, even demise.

What it’s best to do

Prospects with any King’s Hawaiian Pretzel Slider Buns, King’s Hawaiian Pretzel Hamburger Buns, or King’s Hawaiian Pretzel Bites in their pantries ought to get rid of the product.

The corporate advises patrons to contact King’s Hawaiian if they’ve questions or to request replacements. You’ll discover contact info within the recall announcement at this link.

King's Hawaiian recall: The Pretzel Bites retail package.
King’s Hawaiian recall: The Pretzel Bites retail bundle. Picture supply: FDA

Whilst you’re at it, it’s best to try the large Lyons Magnus recall to make sure you don’t have any of these drinks at dwelling.

Folks involved in their well-being after consuming any King’s Hawaiian bread or the drinks within the Lyons recall ought to contact their medical doctors, particularly in the event that they develop any signs.

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