when you experience a fracture, your jaw bone

Emergency dentistry means that you need to treat a medical condition quickly so you can save your life. These problems include teeth that are fractured, or teeth that are loosened or badly infected. You may not be able to eat normally for some time until your mouth has healed properly.

For example, when you experience a fracture, your jaw bone may not be able to hold your teeth in place. This makes your food hard to chew. You may have other serious complications from this injury as well. Dental emergency treatments may be required to save your life.

You may need to have someone drive you to the hospital or call an ambulance to help you to get to the dental office quickly. You may even need a local emergency dentist anesthetic to numb the area. At the dental clinic, the staff will examine your mouth and check your teeth to see what happened. Your teeth will be x-rayed. The results of these tests may determine what treatments are needed.

Some patients may need to be treated immediately. For example, if there is a serious infection present, then the infection needs to be treated immediately. You may have to take medication or receive a root canal procedure to stop the infection. There may be no time for your tooth to heal. Your tooth may have to be pulled to prevent further damage to your mouth and other parts of your body.

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