6 Whooping Ways To Style Your Sofa Pillows for That Pleasant View

6 Whooping Ways To Style Your Sofa Pillows for That Pleasant View

Sofa pillows are one of the first things guests notice when they walk into your home. That’s why accessorizing throw pillows can be tricky. You don’t want them to clash with the rest of your living room or look like a concoction of thought. For creating a balanced and complete look, it’s best to opt for neutral colours and simple patterns. And that works great if you have only one or two sofa pillows. But what about when you have four? Or six? Unless you want to spend your evenings rearranging the cushions on the sofa before every guest arrives, it’s important to find ways to style those couch pillowsso they all complement each other. Here are six tips on how you can arrange your couch pillows stylishly.

Add Pops of Colour

The easiest and most obvious way to style your sofa pillows set is by playing with colourful sofa pillow covers. This is an especially great strategy if you have neutrally colored furniture, as it will pull your whole living room together. For example, if you have red curtains or a blue wall, you can accent one or two sofa pillows in red or blue to synchronize the theme perfectly. If you have a neutral sofa and want to add more color, you can choose bold sofa pillow covers in contrasting hues, like deep blue or bright orange.

Play with Textures

Another really simple way to style your sofa pillows is by mixing different textures and materials. One can achieve such a look with various fabrics, such as smooth velvet next to an embroidered linen or soft faux fur next to a silk sofa pillow cover. If you’re using different fabrics on your sofa pillows, you can also try mixing two different patterns, either by using two fabrics with the same pattern or by combining a patterned fabric with a plain one.

Geometric Prints to Create Symmetry

Another significant way to style your sofa throws is by using geometric prints. This works incredibly well if you have a sectional couch for creating balance and symmetry. If one side of your sofa has a floral print sofa throw, you can match it with a geometric print on the other, like a striped cushion or a printed geometric sofa pillow. This is an excellent way to create a balanced look without selecting two different prints.

Spice Up The Direction

Another way to uplift the visual engagement of your living room is by rotating the direction of your sofa pillows. This can be especially helpful if you have large sofa sets, making the space seem less boxy and more visually inviting. If one end of the couch has a soft velvet pillow, you can place a textured faux fur pillow on the other side to break up the space.

Decorative Pillow in The Center

This is another very common and highly effective sofa pillow styling tip in India. Placing a decorative pillow in the centre of the couch has a lot of potential for perfection. Trying out various lavish sofa pillow coversas a couch centrepiece could actually grab eyes. A decorative sofa pillow in the centre can be styled in many different ways. You can place it horizontally or vertically or even upside down on the seat cushions. You can use it to complement or contrast with the colour of your sofa. The list could go on.

Pillow throw own a significant share of attention in our Living rooms. Investing in good quality sofa throws is a minimal yet effective element to spruce the view and vibe of your living room. They not only bring attention to the details of your decor but also doubles the plushness of your couch. Buy pillows Covers online to widen your range of selection and also enjoy valuable discounts.

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