Every She-Hulk episode will have a credits scene

There’s a brand new Marvel present on Disney Plus, with She-Hulk episode 1 delivering amazing reveals and Easter eggs that go above and past what we now have anticipated. That features a first She-Hulk credit scene that’s completely hilarious.

The nine-episode run of She-Hulk season 1 would possibly ship a credit scene for each episode. It might be one thing that’s exceptional relating to MCU TV exhibits.

Earlier than we go any additional, I’ll warn you that some spoilers would possibly comply with beneath.


Marvel’s well-known credit scenes

The credit scene is a staple of the MCU expertise. Marvel has been utilizing the mid- and post-credits tags to offer further context in regards to the total MCU story. These tags enrich the connective tissue that holds the MCU collectively by offering teasers for future adventures. These scenes additionally generally introduce new heroes and villains.

However, MCU TV exhibits usually solely have a credit scene after one episode. She-Hulk could be the primary Marvel Disney Plus sequence to incorporate a tag scene after every episode.

These MCU exhibits can do extra for the general MCU storyline than film tags. Marvel has been introducing new characters and exploring present ones on Disney Plus, offering extra context in regards to the rising MCU universe. It’s unreasonable to count on a credit scene from every episode, as that might considerably diminish the worth of those tags.

However, that seems to be the case for the studio’s latest sequence. In accordance with a leak that preceded the She-Hulk premiere, you must count on 9 completely different credit scenes.

“Additionally, an amusing theme of #SheHulk is that it very purposefully tries to be one thing an MCU fan would love,” Fandango’s Erik Davis said on Twitter. “Cameos! Mid-credits scenes in each episode! It provides this additional muscle to in the end win you over. Kinda like its primary character does, too.”

Jennifer Walters (Tatiana Maslany) turning into She-Hulk.
Jennifer Walters (Tatiana Maslany) turning into She-Hulk. Picture supply: Marvel Studios

Why extra credit scenes make sense for She-Hulk

Most MCU TV exhibits began providing teaser tags on the finish of the ultimate episodes. Ms. Marvel was a terrific exception, with the primary episode together with a credit scene. Then, the identical factor occurred on She-Hulk this previous Thursday.

However, there’s one thing completely different about She-Hulk relating to that first credit scene. It’s a hilarious trade between Jennifer Walters (Tatiana Maslany) and Hulk (Mark Ruffalo) about Steve Rogers (Chris Evans).

Jen and your complete viewers are taught that the previous Captain America will not be a virgin. Not solely that, however, she tips Hulk into revealing Rogers’ secret.

This isn’t a giant reveal for the bigger MCU story. And it’s a scene that could possibly be included within the common episode. Nonetheless, the tag definitely suits the style. She-Hulk is a sitcom of types. That’s the place you’d normally discover hilarious credit scenes on the finish. They are usually associated with the occasions within the episode slightly more than upcoming occasions.

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