Gramhir – The Instagram Viewer and Analyzer Review

Instagram started with 1 million followers in 2010 and now its monthly visitors are more than 1 billion. That many users make Instagram the perfect platform to advertise and influence. To do that, you also need an Instagram account that is popular. Making it popular requires hard work and experience that can come from reviewing other profiles of famous people. Checking every aspect of an Instagram profile can take days. That’s where an Instagram viewer and analyzer like Gramhir comes in. It offers detailed insights about the different famous profiles and lets you mend your profile in a way that can get you famous.

What is Gramhir?

Gramhir is an Instagram viewer and analyzer that helps you view any profile you want. It can also help you analyze different profiles and general trends on the platform that might come in handy for your journey toward fame and success on Instagram.

Here are the features that Gramhir com is known for.

Profile statistics

Gramhir is the go-to platform when you want to analyze a certain Instagram profile. It saves you a lot of time that you would otherwise spend on calculating different statistics of a profile like average likes and comments per post, number of photo posts, number of video posts, and others.

Profile rankings

Gramhir provides you with a list of the current most popular profiles and details and statistics about those profiles. You can comprehend where your profile stands and what you need to do to be on top.

Hashtag research

Gramhir keeps its database updated with the latest trending hashtags. So, you will get a complete list of all the hashtags trending at the time you check.


Calling Gramhir the browser for Instagram would not be wrong because it lets you explore posts, stories, and reels of all the public profiles.


Gramhir makes downloading photos or videos from any Instagram profile very easy.

So, in light of these features, Gramhir can be considered the best Instagram analyzer and viewer.

Why Use Gramhir?

Here are the different reasons why you should use Gramhir for the betterment of your Instagram account.

1. Analyzing your account

The first step towards success on Instagram is giving everything you can to your Instagram account. Gramhir makes that easy with its detailed statistics and analytical properties. You need to ensure that every single post is of quality and that it can attract many people to like and share. Gramhir provides you with all the details about the performance of a specific post. If your posts are lacking quality, it will indicate that improvements need to be made for future posts. That way, you will be able to optimize your account to its fullest.

2. Browse anonymously

Instagram is very strict regarding the privacy of its content. You need to have an Instagram account if you want to browse the platform or take a look at a certain profile. Instagram doesn’t let you get access to its content as long as you don’t log in. Of course, there are a few methods that people use to get around it but they only last for a minute or two. Gramhir is the perfect tool when you want to browse Instagram without having to log in.

3. Download anonymously

Gramhir is the perfect tool when you want to download content that you like on Instagrm. It doesn’t require a login and you can download unlimited resources using this platform.

How to Use Gramhir?

Now, we will understand how you can open an Instagram profile and download content from Instagram using Gramhir.

#1 – How to Open an Instagram Profile Through Gramhir?

Follow these steps to open an Instagram profile through Gramhir.

Step 1: On your browser, visit Gramhir official website

Step 2: On the top of the homepage, you will see a search bar. Enter the full name of your target Instagram account. Upon hitting enter, Gramhir will show the profile you searched for in the results. Click on it to view the contents of the profile.

Step 3: In case you don’t know the full name of your targeted profile, just enter keywords that you remember or resemble it. From the results, check out different profiles until you find the one you are looking for.

#2 – How to Download Content From Gramhir?

Here is how to download content from Instagram using Gramhir.

Step 1: To download content from an Instagram profile, you will have to open that profile using the above method.

Step 2: Click on the story, video, or image from the profile that you want to download.

Step 3: The selected video or image will open in a new tab. You will find the download button below the video or image. Click on the download button and your content will start downloading.

So, Gramhir is the perfect platform for you if you want to analyze a profile, open a profile anonymously, or download images and videos from Instagram. It helps you grow your Instagram account by providing you with detailed statistics.

Now, we will take a look at a Gramhir alternative that provides you with followers and likes directly instead of the traditional ways.

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